Finally, cars to be rated on fuel economy - India Business - Biz - The Times of India

It is a good move by Government and not only in favour of consumers but for environment also.

And definitely this rating system will improve fuel usage.

I requests to automobile industry to provide their support for this rating.

Other big fuel consuming sectors must be identified and pushed for the same rating system.

Finally, cars to be rated on fuel economy - India Business - Biz - The Times of India

AC's eat up 40% of city's total power consumption - Mumbai - City - The Times of India

This is the estimate for Mumbai just think about other metro and urban cities and how much impact it is creating on environment, Government must launch more environment friendly building models/life model/social models and the action must start from TOP to BOTTOM. Government Top functionaries must be the first ones and set example in front of all. Secondly some famous celebrities must be engaged for this purpose and finally big corporate leaders must initiate to reduce AC use of their offices/factories/houses.

It also proves that we all should use renewable energy sources and it is really surprising that the common man pays for the consumption by rich peoples (AC's owner) because of overall rise in price. Just put some extra charges on building using centralized cooling system and give rebate to building using environment friendly systems. Also if possible force some big consumers to reduce their usage of AC's with immediate effect.  Also put additional surcharge on AC's sale/manufacturing from right now as lower AC's cost is also responsible for this situation

Nokia Launched 5230 Touchscreen Mobile in India.

Definitely it is good news for mobile phone lovers as this new gadget will surely attract them because of its low pricing @ Rs. 9000/- (Rs. Nine thousand only) and will give more strength to Nokia business in India as still Indian mobile market has very good scope of expansion.

Lets wait and watch what happens when this gadget goes through real test and what market feedback come for it.

J'khand polls a slap on Naxals' face: PC- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times

Really it is a positive move in favor of Democracy. All the concerned agencies have really done good job and people of Jharkhand are definately to be congratulated for selection of democracy instead of naxalism but the problem do not solve here many extra steps required to completely finish the problem of naxalism. Development, Employment, Education, Health project must be carried out on war scale in naxal hit areas because the immediate move at this time will give additional strength to fight against naxalism.

J'khand polls a slap on Naxals' face: PC- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times

Dhoni banned for 2 ODIs for slow over-rate in Nagpur

Dhoni banned for 2 ODIs for slow over-rate in Nagpur

It will be really a setback of Team India if ban is applicable with immediate effect.

Let us Hope that ban is applicable after end of series.

Whatever happens but keep the spirit of Sports Alive.

Kasab denies all charges, claims forced confession - India - The Times of India

Kasab denies all charges, claims forced confession - India - The Times of India: "d up. I have been framed,' he added, speaking in Hindi."

A new drama from him. Court must give its verdict in fastest possible manner as the this man is playing legal tactics now.

If we will be not able to give justice it will be another cause of frustration for citizens of India and criminals/terrorist will get motivation from him.

SAIL selloff papers to reach Cabinet within four weeks- Steel-Ind'l Goods / Svs-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

SAIL selloff papers to reach Cabinet within four weeks- Steel-Ind'l Goods / Svs-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

I think it is a good move by SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd.) to increase its expansion. It will this news will definitely have positive impact on share prices of company but after January and go more upwards when actually the activity takes places in market.

I think market will be positive in the second week of January 2010.

Egypt invites Tata Motors to build Nano plant - paper - Yahoo! India News

Egypt invites Tata Motors to build Nano plant - paper - Yahoo! India News

It is a matter of pride not only for TATA but for India also

but if the production is done in India it will definitely in interest of India because of employment opportunities and other benefits.

I Wish TATA Group all the best.

Google India launches driving direction on Google Maps- Internet-Infotech-The Economic Times

Google India launches driving direction on Google Maps- Internet-Infotech-The Economic Times

I hope that it will be really useful and wish google all the best

but not sure how much useful it is in practical terms because drivers know many shortcuts and alternatives like some small roads, kacha rastas, street etc. which many times do not exist on google maps.

Also naming terms of roads exist on google and what is the popular name of that road

Terrifying water crisis faces India; most cities to run dry: Business

As a Individual what we are doing for solution of this problem.

Please at least save one liter of water everyday out of your routine job. Make it a target for you.

Lets save Humanity and our planet.

Terrifying water crisis faces India; most cities to run dry: Business

Legalize prostitution if you can't curb it: SC to govt - India - The Times of India

Firstly i would like to say I am not against any order of Hon'ble Apex Court and below written points are not against any orders of Hon'ble Court.

Can we imagine what impact it will have on society in case it is legalized?

And why the government is not able to curb because of corruption/less effective administration/involvement of high profile peoples etc.

I know it is very hard to eliminate but it can be scaled down to rock bottom

many peoples will get involved in this trade in case it is legalized especially when no other alternative is their to earn their livelihood many will simply got engaged in this field. Personally I think once someone get involved it will be not possible for him to come out of this trade. Just imagine that after 20-30 years what will happen in society, in every street/corner & locality out of every 10 peoples 2-4 persons are sex workers and it may also lead to clash between good families and those sex workers creating law & order problems.
Sometime creating problem / clash between elder and younger generation.

I am not denying the fact that it will also have some positive impact on society like instead of bring criminal/naxalite/terrorist etc. one more easy way is available for peoples to earn their livelihood but still at cost of moral and social values. It will totally change social paradigms of society.

Moreover the criminals who are doing it now will work with open handed and a new class of mafia will come into existence in association with corrupt officials.

It will not only increase corruption but will also lead to loss of moral values in society and for our social/moral values We Indians have proud of us.

In case of any objection please let me know so that article can be removed.

CNBC-TV18 - Tata Grp to provide world's most affordable water purifier

CNBC-TV18 - Tata Grp to provide world's most affordable water purifier

Let us wait and watch

What type of purifier it is and whether it removes TDS or not or it just remove dust/bacteria/etc.

But cheap price will be the main tool to attract customer.

Disaster Management

Almost every Indian city is vulnerable to man made and natural disasters. Some of the man made disasters are bomb blast, terrorist attack / naxalite attacks while natural calamities like floods  in Bihar, Bengal and Mumbai in recent years and earthquakes in Kashmir, Gujarat. Storms / Tsunami in various coastal regions have left big impact on the mind & strength of nation. Although the whole nation stands united during the hour of crisis but the lack of disaster management, shortage of equipments & infrastructure and non-co-ordination between various government agencies because of lazy attitude of government workers led to the loss of life and assets on very large scale. Some of the disasters left never ending marks on social life.Some important points which needs to be analyzed are as follows :

  • In case of earthquake at Gujarat I read and listen that debris removing equipments (which are human friendly and modern) of International Community are very much better in comparison to Indian equipments.

  • In case of Tsunami USA has better warning systems with them.

  • After WTC attacks USA made its security system very strong and saved / failed further terrorist attacks.

Many more disasters could have been stopped if government is alerted. Actually we don't have proper policies and system which are required during crisis hour. Generally Army is called in case of natural calamities which should be the last option but it seems that it is the only option with authorities.
Almost all of our metro cities has high rise buildings (group housings/corporate offices/malls)  and mostly all of them constructed after approvals of various government agencies but in case of any mis-happenings like (fire/bomb blast/ earthquake/flood/etc.) in these buildings do the district administration have complete infrastructure/equipment to deal with this problem. Like case of Fire at IOC in Jaipur all safety measures failed and even central government is not successful to stop fire. Personally I knows that once the approval from concerned authority is taken most of the safety measures dies due to lack of maintenance. A regular monitoring/inspection system of safety measures should be in place so that we can reduce the chances of any disaster. It must be made sure that inspection is not only a formality which gets completed because of corruption means enforcement of law should goes in strict manner.

India stops work on J&K road project as China raises objections- Hindustan Times

India stops work on J&K road project as China raises objections- Hindustan Times

Why the work is stopped, if it is under Indian territory, Is their any possibility of political corruption and just the fear of China.

May be the danger to road workers in case of firing across the border.

But Indian government should raise the issue at highest level on immediate basis and International Community must be made aware about it so that the real attitude of China is clear to whole World. Also Indian government should try so that other countries write to China for their malign attitude.

In the meanwhile every step must be taken to restore road work as early as possible.

We should also make sure that no corruption exist on border issue on any level (from top to bottom).

I think UNO President must write to Chinese Government for this type of violations.

Rape of the Aravalis: Photo blog 2:Random Access:Rajesh Kalra's blog-The Times Of India

I am agree to the author's view that when mining can happens during the ban period how it will be as per norms after opening of ban. We all know the role of corruption and money power.

As per my view mining activities must be stopped immediately and anybody found guilty must be punished in strict way (financial as well as physically).

If we will go against nature we will led to finish of human creatures on this planet.

Rape of the Aravalis: Photo blog 2:Random Access:Rajesh Kalra's blog-The Times Of India

India to have `billion` mobile users soon: Report

India to have `billion` mobile users soon: Report

India to have `billion` mobile users soon: Report

Its good for India as the communication will reach the inner parts of country.

But i think mobile etiquette awareness is required and all Mobile Service Provider should work in this direction.

ISI Attacked Pakistan

Today the main news was attack on ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) Pakistan office by militant who rammed his explosive filled car into ISI Office gate at Peshwar killing and injuring many persons. The above attack not only highlights the bad situation of law & order in Pakistan but also shows that any organization which plants dangerous sapling results in bleeding from them when they grow. It is result of ISI own wrong doing in past decades. ISI itself helped to grow Islamic extremists (Al-Qaida/Taliban) and now it is the first slap on the face of ISI. In recent past many security establishment had been attacked by Taliban militants and in recent scenario  Government of Pakistan should take concrete step to stop Islamic Extremists from taking control of their nation. To fight Islamic extremist only military actions will be not sufficient and some long term steps / development initiatives must be taken  to control the growth of Taliban/Al-Qaida. Primary/Higher Education must be provided to all Pakistani children's/teenagers at free of cost especially in rural areas, development of roads, infrastructure must be carried out on war scale. Medical facilities, employment opportunities, etc. are some steps which helps to control militants growth and eliminate them in coming years.

In recent deteriorating security/law & order situation of Pakistan, International community must come forward and through international forces should take over the control of Nuclear Establishments of Pakistan on immediate basis as if these weapons of mass destruction falls in hands of militants then situation will pass out of hands of whole world means whole world seating on nuclear bombs and the key is in hands of Talibani militants.

Cabinet clears 'digital delivery' for cable TV - India - The Times of India

Cabinet clears 'digital delivery' for cable TV - India - The Times of India

Let see what happens

it will be good if cost really comes down.

Mumbai edu institutions, offices asked to shut down

Mumbai edu institutions, offices asked to shut down

I hope everything will happens peacefully as i know in case of any thing wrong government will have only support of Army.

Government disaster management and other safety measures and arrangements generally fails after disaster and army/navy/airforce called for help.


BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | PM at Berlin Wall commemoration

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | PM at Berlin Wall commemoration

Is it not possible to finish the wall between the Pakistan and India. IF both country becomes one result will be a very good economic environment and may be world power.

But in near future it does not seems possible

Did Pakistan conceal truth on Delhi terror plot?- - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos

Did Pakistan conceal truth on Delhi terror plot?- - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos

Not possible when you talk about Pakistan.

Recent Bomb blast at Pakistan hints that Pakistan may be taken over by Taliban and extremists which is not a good sign for nuclear equipped country like Pakistan as it will create a big danger for whole world.

I think United Nations Organisation and International Forces must be put in Pakistan to control the situation and especially the security of Nuclear Station and WMD's must be done jointly by International Forces and Pakistani Security Agencies.

Young couple commit suicide - Ludhiana - City - The Times of India

Young couple commit suicide - Ludhiana - City - The Times of India

What have happened if it is the case of khap panchayat?

Awareness is the biggest challenge to solve this problem.

Also i think young generation should try to increase their patience level and also NGO's must come forward to solve the problem by way of counseling/helpline.

Kindly mention your view how the problem could be solved.

Is Windows 7 the Greatest OS Ever? Let Me Count the Ways - Business Center - PC World

Is Windows 7 the Greatest OS Ever? Let Me Count the Ways - Business Center - PC World

Only Time will Tell!

Area under mining may go up in Palwal and Fbd - Delhi - City - The Times of India

Area under mining may go up in Palwal and Fbd - Delhi - City - The Times of India: "

Do you this will have a negative impact on Environment. For the purpose of development of infrastructure, roads, etc. should we take more tisk regarding environment.

PT Usha bursts into tears, lambasts SAI officials - �Cricket and Sports - MSN India

PT Usha bursts into tears, lambasts SAI officials - �Cricket and Sports - MSN India

If this is the condition of top level sports persons what will be happening with others.

Think about their food/equipments and facility provided to them

May be the funds provided for sports are eaten by corruption.

Mobile Earning

Most of us listen/knows about mobile earning and one method is to earn for every advertisement sent to you on your mobile via SMS but generally so many sites are present for the same and most of peoples do not believes. Here it is worth mentioning that  one of my close known has receive a cheque of Rs.300/- only (a small amount)from where he registered himself long back and able to get some of friends join this site in his group/network. After this personal confirmation my view about mginger is that it is a right site and working in a true manner
I also joined this site and invite all of you friends to join the same

Click any of the following URL to join
Come and join fast to start earning.

Mobile number portability: Will you change your operator?: Rediff Business News, Latest India business news, India Economy news, World Business, Finance news, Latest business headlines, business videos and business articles.

Mobile number portability: Will you change your operator?: Rediff Business News, Latest India business news, India Economy news, World Business, Finance news, Latest business headlines, business videos and business articles.

If number portability comes at a less cost and also allows the user to move to a different operator on some good plan then it will definitely change market scenario. Also it will give the user facility to move GSM to CDMA and vice-versa.

The consumer will be king and service providers are binded to provide more quality services as well as good scheme and tariff plans.

These companies are earning crores of rupees by manipulating rules & regulations. They charge extra, not providing timely services, etc.

Lets hope that situation will improve

Goodies shine on IT employees - Yahoo! India News

Goodies shine on IT employees - Yahoo! India News

Best of luck to Economy and hope that everything will be on track. People who lost their job during recession may be able to get new job or may rejoin their existing organizations.

Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

Commonwealth games are coming up and very less time is with us (Indians) to make arrangements. Till now Delhi city is not capable and is not ready for this International Sporting Event on many parameters like non availability of hotels rooms, stadiums infrastructure, roads, transport arrangement, beautification of city, awareness & attitude of Delhiities to become host of this event, security arrangements, emergency response team and disaster management, sports village etc.

Some important questions like what progress is going at sports village and how much time it will take to complete it. It must be ready in 30 days advance. While constructing sports village at River Yamuna or land near it the river must be protected from every angle .  The cleaning ission of Yamuna must be also kept in mind so that we can present a clean and beautiful river to the visitors .Although Delhi Metro progress is satisfactory but recent accidents on various sites of metro raised a question of its quality and safety. How the teams/sportspersons/athletes will commute from their accommodation place to stadium. Some guidelines/advice booklet must be drafted / printed in various international languages for foreign commuters.

All security agencies must have co-ordination between themselves so that their is no loophole and anyone do not feel harassed. Police must behave politely but make sure that security is not at stake. Intelligence agencies must behave more accurately for gathering of information and provide timely and right inputs to their concerned agencies.

Volunteers must be engaged from different government  / private colleges who helps the visitors. NGO should also be advised to work in their respective field during games. Also it must be make sure that during VVIP / VIP commuting situation do not goes out of control.

Although I want every thing should go normal but still government must prepare a plan for steps to be taken in case of any emergency like natural disaster, terror strike, swine flu attack, flood, earthquake, etc. I don't know whether government has issued any instruction to government/private hospitals, CATS to treat people especially sportspersons and foreigners.



Entertainment on TV

In my childhood days National Channels like DD-1, DD-2 easily appears on your TV screen when you fix up a antenna on roof but now its is hardly available even if you goes to buy a antenna in market for your home use, it will be not available. At that time generally whole family sees Ramayan and Mahabharat and a movie on Sundayat Black & White screen.
Then comes the concept of cable TV means the local shopkeeper who put up a wire network in and around your locality and charge some amount from you on monthly basis. You can watch different channels on colour screen.
Now the latest concept is of set-top box which requires more money.
In last two years many new private big players entered into entertainment arena of DTH (Direct to home) satellite TV. Some of them are :
Tata Sky
Reliance Big TV
Dish TV
They are giving many offers to customers through various schemes and plans.
But a common people who do not have have the money to buy set-top box and can not afford to pay monthly subscription charges, will how get his part of slice of entertainment.
The question is that when other traditional method of entertainment are not available or out of reach of common man the new cheap media TV is also going out of his hands so what will be the ultimate scenario.

Fight against Red terror failing, admits Manmohan - India - NEWS - The Times of India

Fight against Red terror failing, admits Manmohan - India - NEWS - The Times of India

The root cause of all problems is corruption because all funds made available for development, modernisation of forces, education, health is eaten by corrupt politicians and corrupt officials, middle mans.

I think more black money exist in market than white money.

Each and every government department (from PMO to village level offices) must get checked all his officers from top to botton on yearly basis from Anti Corruption Officers/Vigilance Officers etc.

A state wise and central yearly report must be developed on how much corruption is found in various departments.

This report must be made public otherwise useless.

Cross border terrorism a persistent threat : Chidambaram

Cross border terrorism a persistent threat : Chidambaram

Police officers being reduced to footballs: Chidambaram

Good comment by Home Minister

But will it really help to save officers from getting harassment of powerful peoples in the arena.

Some written guidelines / notification / suggestion from home ministry must be sent to all DGP of states as well as home ministers and chief ministers in this regard

Share Market

Share Market BSE Sensex has recently crossed 16000 mark and in positive swing right now. Not only major big shares but midcap and smallcap scale shares are also seems to be going upward. Is this positive move is temporary, may be possible that will sensex go down in last 2 days of week but my personal view is that due to good raining in north India in last 10 days will definitely provide support to the investor confidence. Today their is a news that big companies have recruited even during the recession period and if everything goes in right direction the recruitment drive may expand. In approximately 2 weeks festival season (Navratra, Deepawali, Eid) will start and peoples will go on shopping from daily consumables to fixed assets. The sale of crops will surely generate liquidity in market which is good sign for economy.

Please send me your recommendation about following shares.

3i Infotech

Allahabad Bank

Dena Bank

Indian Hotels

Reliance Communications


Reliance Power


The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Nation | Keep off statues, SC warns Maya Hide-and-seek heat on CM

The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Nation | Keep off statues, SC warns Maya Hide-and-seek heat on CM:

I think it is a right order.

Maharashtra, Haryana, Arunachal polls on Oct 13

Maharashtra, Haryana, Arunachal polls on Oct 13

Now when the dates for election in Haryana announced many equations will change.

What do you think Who will be the Next Chief Minister and Which party will come to power? What will be the major issues during election and what will be the budget?

Several Chinese incursions in past few months: Indian Army

Several Chinese incursions in past few months: Indian Army

My observation regarding the same :-

Since Last few months media is highlighting is too much.

Does the tension between India and China rising?

I think China politicians are more dedicated towards their country and due to that Chinese army is strong in view of their manpower, equipment capability while Indian politicians are involved in corruption, scams thus resulting in standing behind China in different aspect like Economy, Defence, technology, Health ec.

India must be very stringent on its border as we already knows that India had fought a war with China earlier.

In International scenario the Chinese activities on border must be highlighted .

ISRO: Mars mission by 2013-2015

ISRO: Mars mission by 2013-2015

Till now no report had been made public why Mission Chandrayaan could not complete its planned life period. Who is responsible for its failures and the new project has been announced for Mars. ISRO and government must have analysed the complete details of Chandrayaan Mission from starting to end so that in future it des not happens.

It should not be like leave backlog and go ahead

Every project must be done with great care and complete responsibility.

After Rain

Thankfully yesterday some rain spell at area of old Faridabad made the environment cooler but water logged at various places like Sec-16 near Motimahal area, 16-17-18 chowk, etc. made the situation very critical because of inaction of various government agencies. If you go from Old Faridabad to Naharpar the road is in worst condition and pedestrians can not move due to single road and encroachment on pavements. 2-3 months back road has been digged for laying of bigger sewerage line and mud is not removed which is blocking all entry points made for water exit. Whenever any scooter/car/truck/bus moves in logged water the peoples standing on the roadside are totally wet due to water waves. Think about small students who are ready to go school and person who is waiting for his office cab and suddenly due to a fast moving vehicle his clothes are wet and dirty, what is the solution of this problem. It is all because of lack of action by government administration.

As per my observation generally government spent's a big amount on cleaning of sewerage before monsoon every year and possibly the same has been done this year too but this year possibly the activity has gone only on papers and taxpayers money eaten by corrupt individuals or gang of corrupt officials/contractors/others.

CBSE to make Class X boards optional in 2010-11 - Yahoo! India News

CBSE to make Class X boards optional in 2010-11 - Yahoo! India News

will it be beneficial ?

Cabinet approves seven new IIMs - India - NEWS - The Times of India

Cabinet approves seven new IIMs - India - NEWS - The Times of India

Will quality will remain good and at par with existence IIM's

Disintegration of BJP not in country's best interest: Amar

Disintegration of BJP not in country's best interest: Amar

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What is it? A real thinking about Nation or A smart step by smart politician

BBC NEWS | South Asia | India judges to disclose assets

BBC NEWS | South Asia | India judges to disclose assets

Windows 7

windows Since last many days I have seen advertisement/articles/news of Windows 7 on Net and many users recommended it and some says that it is faster than Windows Vista while some says that it even runs on old PC at good speed. On Microsoft website i found following lines

"We know you love Windows XP—after all, you've been telling us that for years."

Dear Friends till date between windows XP and Windows Vista i found that XP is better than Vista, Just tell me what do you think which one is better out of following :

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Please provide me your views on same.

Judges Assets

Since last few days assets of judiciary is under limelight. Everyone (experts, politicians, judges, common man ) is expressing his views about this. Some are in favor of it while some are against it.

The most important question is that what will happen even if judges will declare their assets. We know that few years back Election Commission of India has made it mandatory for declaring the asset when you go for fighting a election, now every politician declare his asset at the time of his nomination but is it a real picture of their assets and how many times it increases during their days of power.

I am not saying that Judges should not declare their asset but their accountability but it must go in a true manner. Judge must be accountable for their workings.

Till date their is no law which says that Judges must declare their asset and making of law may take a very long time as generally happens in our country. May be situation (trust of common men) slips through the hands of system and it will be a biggest nightmare.

Send me your views on same.

Encroachment on Green Belt

There is no need to mention about encroachment in Green Belt Area as all of us knows that generally in residential areas it is encroached by cutting of trees for the purpose of parking, making open pakka verandha, construction of security cabins, etc. Whenever government agencies develop any new residential areas/sectors, concept of green belt is used and its main purpose is to maintain good environment in area but its is becoming a general practice by individual/organisation/group to cut down trees and make residential/commercial use of the green belt area. In Faridabad if we move and check various sectors you will not find any trees on the green belt area so i think Government/NGO's/RWA must take initiative and start plantation programme on green belt. After doing the plantation arrangement must be done for care , watering of plants. I Personally recommend a balance combination in some fix ratio as per experts recommendation of neem, pipal, badh (Bargad) and some kind of trees which grow very fast.

All the chaiwallah shops, taxistand, painter shop, cycle/rickshaw repair shop, jhuggis etc. must be removed and the same people can be provided employment in work related to plantation and maintenance of green belt.


Nehru as responsible for Partition as Jinnah: Jaswant

Nehru as responsible for Partition as Jinnah: Jaswant

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Is it mere a political stunt or truth?

43 years on, mystery shrouds post-mortem of Shastri - National News – News – MSN India - News

43 years on, mystery shrouds post-mortem of Shastri - National News – News – MSN India - News: "undefined"

New Delhi: Was any post-mortem conducted on the body of former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri to know the causes of his mysterious death in Tashkent, in the erstwhile USSR, in 1966?

click the link for further reading

Corruption in Education (AICTE)

AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) , the technical arm who gives approvals on behalf of Government of India for Technical colleges and courses is in limelight due to suspension of its Chairman over corruption case and nearly three dozen office has been sent back to their parent cadres. The step has been taken by HRD ministry so that no influence happens in investigations. CBI (Central Bureau of Investigations) is probing a case of demanding money for increase in intake of seats against some AICTE officials.

This incident shows that corruption is rooted deeply in our system and I know that in last 2-3 years so many engineering colleges opened in Delhi & Haryana. I knows that that big amount and handsome gifts had been given to officials for approval of Colleges even when they are not fulfilling the infrastructure, faculty, other required norms. It is very sad that we want to make India Super Power but our institutes which will give us the future army for work is not at par with world class institutes. This is the reason that we are still behind others. It is only a small hole in Indian Education System which had been noticed, many others are still under cover.

IIT and IIM are only Indian institutes recognized world wide. I think currently we don't need some small technical college on every corner of street but some world class institutions who can train our young force and able to really produce the army of future with a great knowledge.

At last i will say lets see what happens and how government transforms AICTE, i feel that recommendations of Prof. Yashpal Committee is right and must be implemented on priority basis.

AICTE chairman suspended over corruption case

AICTE chairman suspended over corruption case

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Re-look at Gorshkov deal, thanks to CAG report- Hindustan Times

Re-look at Gorshkov deal, thanks to CAG report- Hindustan Times

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गंगा प्रकर्ति की देन

मैने एक हिन्दी पत्रिका सशर्त मे कवि श्री अशोक शर्मा जी की व्यंग्य कविता गंगा का तट पर पड़ी ! जिसमे कवि ने लिखा की उनका एक मित्र अपना पुनर्जन्म गंगा का तट पर चाहता है और कवि गंगा की दशा की वयाखाया करते है की आजकल गंगा मे बहुत से गंदे नाले मिल रहा है। कई हरो के कारखानों का जहरीला पानी भी गंगा मे बहाया जाता है। गंगा नदी का किनारों पर छोटा और लघु उद्योगों का खुलना आम बात है तथा पूजा की सामग्री और पालीथीन के कचरे से इसका बहाव बंद है । गंगा के किनारों पर लोग शव जलाते है और अधजले शवो, मरे पशुओ को भी इसमे बहाते है । सभी नगरो का कूड़ा कचरा भी इसकी गंदगी का मुख्य कारण है और अब तो इसका पानी पीना लायक भी नही रह गया है । गंगा मे रोज़ नहाने वाले लोग अब अपनी घरो मे ही नहाते है। इसकी सफाई योजना का पैसा योजना वाले लोग ही डकार गये। अंत मे कवि अपने मित्र को कहते है की यदि तुम्हे गंगा तट पर ही पुनर्जन्म लेना है तो पहले इसके तट को पुनर्जन्म लेने योग्य बना लो आशय है की गंगा की गंदगी दूर करो इसकी सफाई के परती कुछ प्रयास करो ताकि आने वाली नस्लों को हम एक साफ सुथरी और पवित्र गंगा नदी मिल सके ।

DMRC Deadlines

Delhi Metro, Delhi ki San in last one year has seen two accidents claiming some innocent lives at site of DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation). Recent accident took place near Lady Sriram College in East of Kailash claiming many lives. After this incident taking the moral responsibility DMRC Chief Mr. E Sreedharan resigned and government did not accepted his resignation. As per reports available till now it is found that their is a fault in design of pillar and may be sub standard material had been used, I request Mr. Sreedharan to go for checking of all metro bridges, pillars, stations and wherever a fault is found the corrective action must be taken on urgent basis and the guilty must be brought to justice. Repair work of damaged metro bridges/pillars etc. must be recovered from the person / company responsible for it. Moreover all the design/drawings/material/technique used for ongoing work at different sites must be submitted sent to a special team constituted by technical experts but not by bureaucrats/political person and team must do the work in very fast manner. Then wherever team found any loophole it must be corrected on immediate basis without any delays.

Also it must be checked that all who suffered in these accidents gets claims/support/help without any hassles and no corruption is used in this process.

I wish Best of Luck to Mr. E Sreedharan for completion his commonwealth games deadline to complete phase II of Delhi Metro.

Real Test of Democracy

How should our elected representatives behave and work? Does winning an elected post entitle them to indulge in corruption and self-serving activities? It seems that some people join politics to serve the society , whereas others join to fill their coffers. The real test of democracy is how strongly it works at the grass root level. In Narnaul district, on the same day newspapers have reported two contrast news items about our elected Sarpanchs (village Heads). The Hindi daily Jagran reports on July 10, 09.

राष्ट्रपति से मिलने के लिए सरपंच के संग महिलाएं गईं:
नारनौल, जागरण संवाद केंद्र : राष्ट्रपति प्रतिभा पाटिल के बुलावे पर जिले के गाव कोथल खुर्द की महिला सरपंच रोशनी देवी शुक्रवार अपराह्न उपायुक्त ए. श्रीनिवास के साथ दिल्ली के लिए रवाना हुईं। उनके साथ उनकी मंडली की 18 महिलाएं भी गई हैं। राष्ट्रपति 11 जुलाई को इस जत्थे से भेंट करेंगी। 11 जुलाई को राष्ट्रपति से मुलाकात के बाद यह टीम शाम तक नारनौल पहुच जाएगी। मालूम हो कि गाव कौथल खुर्द की महिला सरपंच रोशनी देवी व उनकी मंडली द्वारा शराबियों के खिलाफ छेडे़ गए क्रातिकारी अभियान से प्रभावित होकर ही राष्ट्रपति प्रतिभा पाटिल ने उन्हे बुलावा भेजा था।

इस महिला मंडली की कार्यशैली अनूठी थी, जिसके कारण यह चर्चा में आ गई। इस समूह ने गाव में सार्वजनिक स्थल पर शराब पीने वालों पर अंकुश लगाने के लिए मंदिर के नाम 500 रुपये की पर्ची काटनी शुरू कर दी थी, जो शराबियों पर बहुत भारी पड़ी। वास्तविकता भी यही है कि इसी कारण यह समूह ज्यादा कारगर साबित हुआ। हालांकि इसके अलावा उन पर नैतिकता के आधार पर भी शराब को छोड़ने के लिए दबाव बनाया गया। इसका नतीजा यह हुआ कि अब गाव में शराब पीकर घूमने वालों पर पूरी तरह अंकुश लग चुका है। इससे भी बड़ी बात यह है कि महिला मंडली इस उद्देश्य की पूर्ति के बाद भी शांत नहीं बैठी है और दायरे को बढ़ाते हुए सामाजिक बुराइयों के खिलाफ भी अभियान चलाना शुरू कर दिया है।
गबन के आरोप में ग्राम सचिव व सरपंच नामजद:

नारनौल, जागरण संवाद केंद्र : गांव दोचाना के सरपंच धर्मपाल एवं ग्राम सचिव उमेश चंद पर अदालत के निर्देश पर धोखाधड़ी एवं आपराधिक षडयंत्र रचने के आरोप में मामला दर्ज किया गया है। सरपंच और सचिव के खिलाफ गांव के ही एक पंच द्वारा अदालत में इस्तगासा दायर कर उसके एवं कुछ अन्य पंचों के फर्जी हस्ताक्षर कर ग्रांट लेने का आरोप लगाते हुए उनके खिलाफ मामला दर्ज कराने की अपील की गई थी।

जानकारी के अनुसार गांव दोचाना के पंच मदनलाल ने अतिरिक्त मुख्य न्यायिक दंडाधिकारी की अदालत में गत 6 जुलाई को एक इस्तगासा पेश कर सरपंच एवं ग्राम सचिव पर मामला दर्ज करने के लिए पुलिस को आदेश देने की गुहार लगाई थी। मदनलाल ने इस्तगासा में बताया कि ग्राम पंचायत दोचाना के सरपंच धर्मपाल ने विभिन्न तारीखों में पंचायत पुस्तिका व कार्यवाही कमेटी रजिस्टर में उसके तथा कुछ अन्य पंचों, महिला पंच देवी और मुमताज अली तथा सुरेश कुमार पंच के फर्जी हस्ताक्षर कर एवं अंगूठे लगा कर प्रस्ताव पारित कर लिए। जबकि उक्त पंचों के सामने इस प्रकार की कोई बैठक हुई ही नहीं थी। सरपंच धर्मपाल ने पंचायत के सदस्यों का कोरम पूरा दिखाने की नीयत से प्रस्तावों पर फर्जी हस्ताक्षर कर लिए थे। ऐसा कर सरपंच ने सरकार से ग्रांट भी प्राप्त कर ली। इस्तगासा में यह भी कहा गया कि ग्राम सचिव उमेश चंद ने भी सरपंच धर्मपाल से फर्जी हस्ताक्षरों के माध्यम से पारित इन प्रस्तावों को अटेस्ट करके इस अपराध में सरपंच का सहयोग किया है। पंच मदनलाल ने इस संबंध में पुलिस महानिदेशक एवं अन्य संबंधित पुलिस अधिकारियों को भी शपथ पत्र के साथ एक शिकायती दरखास्त भेजी थी, किंतु पुलिस ने उस पर कोई कार्रवाई नहीं की। शिकायतकर्ता पंच मदनलाल के अधिवक्ता सुरेंद्र ढिल्लो ने बताया कि अतिरिक्त मुख्य न्यायिक दंडाधिकारी की अदालत ने मामले की गंभीरता को देखते हुए गत 6 जुलाई को धारा 156 सीआरपीसी के तहत इसे नारनौल सदर थाना में भेज दिया था। जिस पर कार्रवाई करते हुए पुलिस ने सरपंच व ग्राम सचिव कि खिलाफ गत बुधवार को भारतीय दंड संहिता की धारा 419, 420, 467, 468, 471, 406 व 120 बी के तहत मुकदमा नंबर 159 दर्ज कर लिया है।

Queen of Hills Shimla

Queen of Hills, Shimla a famous tourist place / hill station especially during the summers situated at an altitude of 2128 meters known for its good cool environment is facing the slap of global warming. Recently I read on website of some news site probably times of India or Hindustan times that first time in history of Shimla summer vacation in government schools of Shimla has been announced for few days due to rise in mercury level which is around 30° Celsius, five degree above normal. Even private institutions have been advised to declare summer holidays. Peoples are advised to stay indoors during afternoon. Lack of Pre-monsoon showers have increased the temperature and heat waves and the farmers of Shimla is also under threat due to changing environment and loss of crops may be seen in near future. Some Old peoples say that two-three decades back even during the month of June they wear some warm clothes but now the climate is totally changed and people wear summer clothes. In changing scenario cooling systems, fans and Air conditioners are must now a days in this beautiful city.

Famous resorts around Shimla like Narkanda, Kufri, Kasauli, Manali, Dharamsala, Palampur, Chamba and Dalhousie also facing heat waves and temperature is above normal as per Metrological department. Meteorological department also reports that minimum and maximum temperature remains above average throughout the year clearly indicating that hills are warming up. If hills will warm up, glaciers will decline and sea water level increase and environment cycle will totally damaged means the destruction of our planet and ends of humans. We are clearly moving very fast towards destruction.

Experts says that environment of Shimla has changed due to global warming, deforestation on large scale and rise in pollution.

Government of Himachal Pradesh must start implementing the steps on very fast track basis to increase awareness, making laws, rules & regulations to save their capital. NGO's must start some programmes in small villages around Shimla for starting environment friendly activities. On Individual level anyone who is living in and around Shimala must stop every activity which affects climate and I request all the tourists to be friendly with environment so that the coming next generations can enjoy their trips to the Queen of Hills.

Divide & Rule

Few days back on some newspapers website like Times of India and Dainik Jagran i read that Home Ministry of India have application for creating 10 more states like Mithilanchal in Bihar, Saurashtra in Gujarat and Coorg in Karnataka,Harit Pradesh out of UP, Telangana in Andhra Pradesh and Gorkhaland in Darjeeling and adjoining areas in West Bengal. Other demands are of Bundelkhand, Bhojpur, Saurashtra, Vidarbha. Although none of the state government has till now recommended for these demands which is necessary for creation of new state but many political parties or some other groups of these regions are trying for the separate states based on their demands for better development, religious hold, preserving local culture etc. Some sick politicians want it for their own benefit. Actually they are following DIVIDE AND RULE policy of British Rulers.

If the demand of creating 10 new states is agreed than demand for 100 more states will born and we will reach the pre independence era of Riyasats and Zamindars where so many small kings and nawab rules and lost themselves to British Rule. After Independence Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel have integrated India after great hard work and painful exercise which has motive of making India the Best Nation in the World.

If more states are created more funds required for more Governors, more Chief Minister and more ministries, more corruption, more burden on Declining Economy. Better we think about funding projects for upbringing of poor and old people and development of nation. Issues which are important than creating new states is Education, Removal of Corruption, Basic Health Services, Development and many more.

Government should deal with these demands in a firm move with Iron will like Patel and make it strategy on a long term basis to reunite/merge the regions.

Be United under tri-color and sing Sare Jahan se Acha Hindustan Hamara....

Fulfill the dreams of Ghandi. Let's work on the path of Vision given by Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Jai Hind.


Yesterday a spell of pre monsoon rain comes to Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand giving much needed relief. As per expectation monsoon will reach north India by July 12. As we all knows that in previous two weeks due to so much heat everyone is talking about rain and delay of monsoon seeded a fear in government, farmers and everybody that this year we have to face a drought like situation and Indian economy which is already under pressure due to Global Meltdown will further decline and prices of food items which are already very high will further go up. Problem of Power & Water is so big because of declining water levels in major dams like Tehri, Bakhra, etc. and major rivers are on the verge of end. Many parts of the northern india farmers who are dependent on rivers water through canals may not get water and production of kharib may be affected.

So lets pray & hope that rain will come soon and all problems gets solved.

Govt should stop opening more hospitals!

Health care reforms in India too need reforms as we need reforms in many other sectors: electoral. police, judicial and administrative.
6 decades of free health care policies in independent India have not brought succor to the larger percentage of population. Those at the base of pyramid do not have access to the basic health care. The central and state governments have spent massive amounts on opening and maintaining large hospitals to small dispensaries: the services are more or less free. Yet we have dismal performances being seen: they are best characterized by inefficiency, maladministration and waste of resources and poor work-ethics. 

What is the solution: open more efficient hospitals? No, stop spending further money on this wasteful exercize. In my opinion, the following steps should be taken:

1. Govt hospitals be replaced with health insurance: Open no more govt hospitals, rather gradually abolish this system. Government must provide health insurance cards to each and every family. The concept of sliding scale in deciding premiums can be applied: to the families below poverty line, these insurance cards can be free , while those with high incomes, the premiums can be higher. Families can be given the option to opt out.
Any person with health insurance can get health care from the eligible health facilities (generally, private sector). 
2. Regulate private health sector:  Let the private health care sector prosper, but the govt must bring in strict regulations how the clinics, nursing homes and large hospitals operate. The current private health care sector in India is highly un-regulated, hence malpractice is prevalent. They often exist to reap maximum monetary benefits, while quality of health care and ethical practices are generally given low priority. A highly regulated system will help curb malpractice.
3. Govt to provide public health: The government must continue to provide preventive health services: vaccinations/immunizatiions, ante-natal care,etc.

नीम का पेड

बचपन मे मै अपने साथियों और दोस्तों के साथ गली के बाहर खुली जगह मे नीम के पेड की छाया मे बहुत से खेल जैसे गुली डंडा, कंचे, लट्टू खेलता था । मेरे स्कूल मे भी हम सभी पीपल, नीम और बरगद का पेड की छाया मे भी बहुत खेला करते थे। जब स्कूल मे बिजली चली जाती थी तो हमारे टीचर्स हमे इन पेडो के नीचे शिक्षा देते थे। जब कभी हम चोट लग जाती थी तो नीम का पतों को पानी मे उबाल कर एंटी-सेप्टिक के तोर पर इस्तमाल किया करते थे। पीपल की पेड को सीचा जाता था । बरगद और पीपल का घनी ढंडी छाया मे सुस्ताना याद आता है। अब जब भी कभी मै गर्मियों की धुप मे कही जाता हु तो उन वृक्षो की याद आती है क्योंकि आजकल सड़क के किनारे ऐसे पेड बहुत ही कम या यु कहू की देखने को नही मिलते। अब तो नीम, बरगद और पीपुल के पेड मेरे घर या ऑफिस के नजदीक मे भी नही है । आधुनिकरण की दौड़ मे हमने अपनी विरासत मे मिले इन जीवनदायिनी वृक्षो को काट डाला यह जानते हुवे की पेड हमारा वातावरण प्रकीर्या का बहुत ही महत्वपूरण हिस्सा है। आज की नई जेनरेशन इन पेडो के बारे मे कुछ भी नही जानती या फिर बहुत थोड़ा जानती है क्योंकि अब हम नीम, पीपल और बरगद जैसे पेडो का पोधारोपण नही करते। आज ग्लोबल वार्मिंग बदती जा रही है और विश्व स्तर पर इसकी रोकथाम के लिये सभी सरकारी और गैर सरकारी संस्था कार्यरत है । मै सोचता हु की सरकार को यह कानून बनाना चाहीये की हरेक मोहल्ले , गली, सेक्टर, कालोनी मे कम से कम नीम, पीपल और बरगद का एक एक वृक्ष अवश्य हो। ग्रीन बेल्ट , रोड के मध्य और किनारों, रेलवे प्लेटफार्म पर ये वृक्ष लगाये जाये । रेलवे प्लेटफार्म से याद आया की शकूरबस्ती स्टेशन , दिल्ली पर लगे जामुन के पेड, कभी वहा जाये तो जरुर देखना। अब तो जामुन बहुत महँगा मिलता है क्योंकि बहुत कम पेड बचे है। कभी कभी लगता है की आने वाले ३०-४० सालो मे बहुत सारा फल तथा सब्जिया मिलनी बंद हो जायेगी क्योंकि खेत खलिहान पर फ्लैट, ऑफिस और मार्केट बनते जा रहे है

आप सभी अपना विचार व्यकत करे की कैसे हम अपनी बहुमूलय विरासत को बचाय तथा आने वाली पीदियों को विरासत मे एक साफ , अच्छा और सवस्थ वातावरण उपलब्ध करवाये

इस लेख मे कही कही टाइपिंग की गलतिया है , कृप्या उन पर धयान मत देना, में पहली बार हिन्दी मे ब्लॉग्गिंग कर रहा हु

Lalgarh Overtaken

Area of Lalgarh in West Bengal is now under the command of Naxalist and they are controlling more than 100 villages and openly announced that they are going to takeover more and more areas under their control. Although central para military security forces have reached their but they are sitting idle on the boundary drawn by naxalist. Security forces are just waiting for the orders from top political brass for they go ahead. In this scenario all political parties are playing their politics without thinking about national interest. While the central government has put the ball in the court of state government by sending its troops and state government is thinking how the action by security forces will affect their political motives after the incident of Nandigram and Singur.

Without thinking about politics the security forces must be given go ahead immediately and a parallel team must be raised which solves the reason behind this scenario as it is said that tribals backed naxalist Police Atrocities. The demands must be listened and solutions to their genuine problems must be provided immediately.

Drinking Water

Quality of Drinking water in Faridabad is very bad. Due to so much extraction and failure to recharge of ground water, environmental pollution, etc. are some reasons behind this problem. Water supplied by Municipal Corporation tubewells are having too much TDS (Total Dissolved Solids ) and I am not aware what steps MCF implements to purify the water as it is not possible for every common family (aam aadmi ) to purchase RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant to for treatment of bad water so he is drinking this bad quality water. In summers water borne disease is very common due to increase intake of water and every one is bound to consume the water supplied as the availability of water in summers is a very big problem. In some areas water do not come for whole day and in some areas comes at specified times.

Every individual must come forward in association with NGO & Government to solve the problem.

Concrete Jungle

Recently I read posting of Mr. jamoos jhalla blog jhallevichar about Dhandi Sarak of Meerut which is losing its characterstic due to cutting of trees, too much concrete jungle and pollution but it is not a problem of Meerut only, but in many cities Where the good climate/environment condition have changed and declining every day. In my childhood I have listened from my elders that many fruit gardens, reservoirs exist in my home town Bhiwani but they have been converted into concrete jungle now. In my childhood where I have seen farms is now developed colonies/sectors. In last 10 years at Faridabad I have seen converting too much farming land into sectors/colonies/offices/institutions even in Forest Area at Aravali Hills which is protected under law. Many local vegetables/fruits which are very tasty and nutritious not available now because of human interference in the natural cycle. Now a days SEZ are acquiring more and more land but now some awareness have come and even in Times of India dated 6 June, 2009 there is a news that villagers denied & protested against Reliance SEZ in Maharashtra. Previously the land which is used for farming has been acquired by capitalist/builders and now they constructing flats/buildings/bunglows on them.

Sometime I feel that after five six decades we may not have any land for farming and we will be not able to produce any food for our own country peoples and will be dependent on other countries means we will finish our self dependency.

Suggest your views to save the local environment, culture etc. while keeping the pace of development.

Twenty 20 World Cup

Twenty-20 World cup has started and almost all teams have reached London. India the winner of 2007 Twenty-20 World Cup is a strong contender in this World Cup also with its Team members like Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (Captain). As a Indian I strongly want another world cup for the nation. I say Best of luck to all players and Team India but I have some question regarding team India. Like fitness & tiredness of Team India in view of IPL tournament because of month long IPL (Indian Premier League) Tournament will affect the performance of Indian Players although it has been denied by most players. Some of the important players are suffered from injuries or recently recovered and victory in Twenty-20 is looking doubtful due to above mentioned reasons. We should forgot that Australia is a very good team and the winner of 50 over cricket world cup. In both IPL (Indian Premier League) Tournaments the teams leaded by Australian Players have scored victory.

Let’s See what Team India do to bring Twenty 20 World Cup 2009 to India.

At last I will say that some money of IPL & Twenty20 World Cup must be used for charitable cause.

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Railway Ministry

As everybody knows that now the Railway Ministry will be headed by Madam Mamta Banerjee. In previous government the Railway portfolio is with Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav who have completely changed the scenario and become famous all over the world for converting the Railway Department from a Loss Unit to huge Profit making company. Lalu has been invited to World famous institutes for his miracle in Railway Department. The Railway Department currently has a generating big profits which never happens before the tenure of Mr. Lalu. Let see what changes Madam brings now, wills he able to maintain the pace set by previous minister or take it to new heights. It is really a tough job when you sit at great heights, but in previous year the level of comfort in railway travel has certainly gone down and its most popular & premium train like Rajdhani Express & Shatbhadi Express do not have adequate basic facilities. It may be possible that new Railway Minister able to solve these problem while keeping the financial pace of profits. I wish her best of luck.

Organization Culture

Whenever any organization gets success it celebrates and it is a social common phenomena. It is generally noted that credit of success mostly goes only to technical peoples and common administrative, operational, core team & support staff is not given their due credit. But when any success comes everyone has a contribution in it according to his/her profile. I am not saying that technical people should be stopped from giving credit as surely they are directly involved with it but the other members of organization who are indirectly involved must not be forgotten.

So Dear Friends whenever your team/organisation celebrates make sure that everyone is part of it whether a peon/driver or Chairman, each individual must get his part of credit.

Crorepati MPs

In recent election many candidates tried their luck and almost all the major political parties have given their tickets to the candidates who are full of money and muscle power and even did not have a objection on their criminals background. It is a common fact that rich are not much aware about the problem of middle & lower class problem, they just know how to exploit their juniors. In new Lok Sabha their are more crorepati MPs than in 2004 Lok Sabha and more number of MPs with criminal record in comparison to last Lok Sabha. Even Election Commission have accepted that it is not successful to stop use of money in election and about use of muscle power we all know openly. Voters are threatened openly and stopped from casting their vote. The most important fact that all the young MPs in new Lok Sabha are son/daughters of famous leaders and belongs to political families and this point makes a international impact on our Democracy.

I want to put few points regarding improvement in Political & Election System which are as follows :-

Candidates from middle, poor & small farmers must be motivated and provided support to fight election and go to parliament to solve the problems as they knows better about common man problem.

Ultra Rich candidates must have some limitation to fight election like Qualification, separate their individual interest from social interest by taking undertaking and let them put their all extra money for charitable causes. Extra Money means money above a particular limit or level specified by Election Commission.

No person should be allowed to fight the election who is having any type of criminal record and if any standing candidate is found or do such act he / she must be immediately terminated from his/her post.

Marriage System in India

In Indian culture whenever any marriage is arranged the parents of boy & girl make a estimate of expenditure to be spent on various items like jewellery, cloths, sweets, furniture, traveling and other miscellaneous expenses. Parents of girls have to arrange for all household goods, bike/car, bungalow/flat, etc for the new couple according to their estimate and capacity while on the other side boys parents gives jewellery, cloths to the new married bride and boys parents give presents/gifts to their own sisters and daughters. The estimate of both sides is generally remains same or have some minor differences but the amount spent by girls parents or we can say the gifts/goods given by girls parents in marriage is counted as Dowry which sometimes raises a question in my mind that why the only girls parents expenditure is counted as Dowry? Why not the expenditure of Boys parents are counted as Dowry? Here I would like to clarify that I am strongly against any forced demand from girls parents but the help to establish new couple should not be counted as dowry while the couple must take care that they stands at their own feet's without having much problems for their parents.

If want to change the above mentioned system then court marriage/marriage in temple/shrine/church/religious place can be opt in which only girl, boy & their parents goes to complete the procedure of marriage and no relatives/friends needs to be invited. No function/party (lunch & dinner) will be offered to anyone, but it will remove the social linking from society so to preserve society values a joint dinner/lunch party may be organized by both side parents). No amount will be spent on celebration and No Gifts/cloths/jewellery will be given to bride/groom and they must settle themselves at their own. THE IMPORTANT THINGS TO BE NOTED THAT MARRIAGE MUST BE ARRANGED ONLY WHEN BRIDE/GROOM THEMSELVES HAVE ENOUGH RESOURCES IN THEIR POCKET TO ESTABLISH THEIR NEW FAMILY.

On blog of my friend I come to know about a matrimonial web site which works for the bachelors to marry without dowry the site is If you are a bachelor and your are against you can register on this site.

Election Commissioner Quraishi: Mammoth LS Elections

India successfully conducted 9th Lok Sabha (Parliamentary) election in last 2 months. The results are out and the new government will be in place in next few days. In this article- taken from Rediff portal- Election Commissioner Dr S Y Quraishi on Election 2009 gives his opinion on various issues in an interview to Sheela Bhatt.

His take on Election 2009

First of all, I would like to mention that, like the previous elections, India's election is not just an electoral exercise, but an event of such a magnitude that will never be seen in the world.

We have a large electorate, 714 million voters; we have more than 8 lakh (800,000) polling booths, each polling booth has a team. We have constituted another interesting institution called the booth level officer -- about 8.28 lakh people.

The idea is, in your own locality, somebody known to you is there all the time, round the year. So, if you have any problem, any query, whether your name is on the roll or not, you can go to him or her. And we have also asked political parties to appoint booth level assistants.

We deploy about 7 million to 8 million people to run the election including the security forces. They are trained at various levels. Each booth has to have a mode of communication so that we get to know within 10 minutes if anything goes wrong. This is something we tried for the first time in 2009.

We developed a very unique programme called COMET, which is communication for election tracking. This was used for the first time here. The idea was that we should be able to communicate with every presiding officer of every polling booth.

We knew the landline or the mobile number in the village. If that was not there, wireless sets of the police, satellite telephones or if nothing else, a runner to go to the nearest telephone, and tell us if anything goes wrong. This arrangement works as a great deterrent.

Secondly, this time we tried vulnerability mapping. In lots of areas, weaker sections were not allowed to vote, they used to be intimidated. There is domination by criminals. We made sure that there was no intimidation. We identified 90,000 such polling stations which were vulnerable where we took preventive action against 373,000 people. We rounded them and booked them. We told them that we know you and if you misbehave, we know where you are. These were great deterrents.

The Naxalite problem

This election was particularly important because of the Naxal problem. The Maoist problem has increased over the years and about 118,000 polling stations in 79 parliamentary constituencies were in Naxal-affected areas.

So we worked on a three pronged strategy to deal with that. First we decided that we will hold the election in the first phase itself.

The logic was that in the first phase we will be able to give our security forces three to four weeks in advance to go there, understand the area, dominate the area and conduct the elections. Because, in the subsequent phase the time available for the forces to move from one place to another is much less (2/3 days) and that is not enough.

Secondly, we make sure that elections were simultaneous in all Naxal-affected states, because the Naxals would not be able to cross over from one state to another and create trouble.

Thirdly, our polling time in these areas was 7 am to 3 pm so that the polling parties could return in daylight itself to safer areas and be evacuated by helicopter.

So broadly, this was the magnitude. I just don't think that these arrangements failed when the serial blasts occurred. How many blasts occurred to compared to normal times? As you know, the Naxals have been attacking even the police headquarters.

In the entire five-phase election, there were about 30 deaths. Unfortunate they were, but in view of the magnitude of the problem, this is a small price we have to pay.

Hats off to our security forces, our polling personnel, who discharged their duties in the most difficult situations. Every state has its own set of problems. I mention the Naxalites, which affects about 17 states.

States like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have different kind of problems. Some states have money power, the use of black money in elections is very high.

Then in Jammu and Kashmir there is the threat of militants and separatism.

So every state has its own set of problems which we identify and deal with accordingly. I think our strategy and our performance is for everybody to see.

Overzealous steps taken by Election Commission?

There is only one case which became debatable. A state director general of police was indulging in loose talk. That was because his understanding of the field conditions was very poor. He has never been posted in the field.

With great difficulty we get security forces from home ministry to conduct the elections. He thought these forces are available; he sent them for handling the Naxalite problems. These forces are there only to conduct the election. That was the basic flaw in his understanding. So we told him that you don't know.

The deployment of forces was done in consultation with the home ministry, the director generals of all the central police organisations, the state DGP and superintendents of police.

Actually, it is the SPs at the grassroots level who made the deployment plan in consultation with us and our observers. We sent about 2,100 observers. They are all senior officers. So the neutrality of these observers is the biggest guarantee. People have faith in it.

The money factor

The violation of the election code is not as bad as it used to be earlier. You should understand that the model code is a creation of political parties themselves, it is not a law. And we find that in many cases, it is more effective than the law.

In the law what happens is that if you violate the law, we'll file an FIR (First Information Report) with the police. That means the ball is out of our hand and the police officers may someday, in a few months, conduct an inquiry or may not. Then he will put up a challan in court. It will take years, 10 or 20 to 30 years.

Whereas in the model code violation case, we write to the senior officer, the chief minister or even the prime minister for that matter. If there is a violation, we write to them. And we request that if you have violated the code, please reply within 24 hours. And the reply comes.

No senior politician wants to violate the model code, and the very fact that a notice has been issued is a great deterrent.

Unfortunately, we admit we have not been able to control money factor, because the money that we are talking about is black money. No government in the world has been able to control black money.

There are two kinds of expenditure. One is the money which you spend on hiring vehicles, postures, banners and flags, and media space.

Our expenditure observers are able to take expenditure statements from the candidate. They have to file these in the course of the campaign. Our observers monitor whether there is an understatement. That much we have been able to control effectively.

But if it is the black money, we cannot track transactions. But there are hundreds of model conduct teams roaming around to see if any violation takes place. For instance, in Karnataka, we seized Rs 29 crore (Rs 290 million).

In some states, traditionally, there is more money available, there is more prosperity.

Thirdly, when you say that model code is violated blatantly, we know for sure that violations are much fewer this year, but the visibility has increased because of the media explosion.

Low voting

I don't think it was overall low voting. It was 50 to 60 percent. But the fact that people have started talking about percentages is a new thing. We have seen that in urban areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Allahabad, the turnout used to be low. The so-called educated people will sit in their drawing room and criticise the government and politicians, and that is totally wrong. Because if you do not participate in democracy, you have no business to criticise.

The Election Commission's budget

Our budget is just Rs 20 crore (Rs 200 million). We are a very small organisation conducting one of the biggest exercises in the world. We are just 300 people in the Election Commission. That's all. It's remarkable.

In every state, we have a Chief Electoral Officer supported by eight to ten people. That's all we have. But for the election, we can call on anybody. That is how 7 to 8 million people are deployed.

Money is not the problem. For India, the democratic exercise is very important. The election system is 100 percent free, fair and democratic, and we have no doubt about it.

The only complaint that we have been receiving was that some names were not found in the electoral rolls. That may be due to several reasons. One, it may be computer error, or maybe some inefficiency. After all, 7 million people were not regular members of our team. So some of them maybe just lazy, they may be inefficient, or they may be deliberate mistakes.

Sometimes we get complaints that the whole chunk of the population, which is considered hostile, have been struck off. Then we conduct inquiries.

The electoral process is dynamic, it can never be considered as complete. Even the Supreme Court has said it can never be considered complete and perfect. But it has to be near perfect.


We are proud to say that Bharat Electronics Ltd and Electronic Corporation of India Ltd, both government undertakings, manufacture the EVM machines under our guidance and that of a technical committee headed by a professor of IIT, Madras.

This committee of experts has been constituted by Parliament. We are very happy that they oversee any innovation. The EVM is a cheap machine; it costs about Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000.

The machine has two units, one is a central processing unit, and the other is a variant of one control unit and ballot unit. So, the control unit has all the data.

One CU can handle 16 candidates. So if the number of candidates is more than 16, then we need two machines. If there are 33, then three machines, up to 64 candidates, four machines this can handle. Beyond that, we have to go for old style ballot paper.

I will tell you an interesting story. We are very sensitive. In the last phase polling, we spent 3, 4 days on just two polling stations in Kashmir, and in Ladakh, which were at the altitude of 13,000 feet, and where our air force helicopters made several attempts to land, but could not.

So we dispatched six people in two parties by foot, in knee deep snow, for 40 km. They walked for two days and two nights and then conducted the poll. They had taken along with them satellite phones. There were just 37 voters. They were as important to us as anybody.

We made a special arrangement for counting too because our officers could not come back because of the snowfall.

We authorised one of the two senior officers and declared him an ARO (Assistant Returning Officer) legally. He counted the votes and conveyed it through the satellite phone. That result was announced first before the rest of the counting began.

Our AVMs are stand alone machines; it does not communicate with anyone outside. The innocence of this stand alone machine will be lost if there is a remote control. There were just repolls in 660 booths out of 838,000 booths. We are proud of what we have done.

We have the satisfaction and sheer pride in doing such a great job. Three days ago, we received an e-mail from a teacher in Jamnagar, Gujarat. He said he was so touched by the whole election process, he wrote, "I don't want my remuneration; tell me where to return it."

I feel proud to be an election commissioner. It's a great satisfaction to strengthen Indian democracy. That makes us proud as Indians.