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Air chief PV Naik in favour of flexing missile power - Hindustan Times

Air chief PV Naik in favour of flexing missile power - Hindustan Times

Yes I am agree to the point of Air Chief, India should built long range missiles but in phase wise manner of 3-4 years but it must ensure that the project gets completed in specified / planned time frame because generally all the project of Indian Research are very late increasing cost and reducing their importance and worth.

India must try to sell its technology to the needed country like its counterpart part US, Russia, China and others are doing as selling of arms & technology will give boost of Indian Economy and provide us funds for future research programs. It will also attract our talented minds to stay in India which will further strengthen the foundation of country.

Definitely India should not have first strike policy but must be capable of answering any wrong initiative of enemy.

We have the second biggest Army in the world but it seems that this army is without teeth, having big shortage of officers the steps must be taken to ensure that we have strong plans, manpower and modern ways of defence equipment & technology with us to show the World.

It must be ensure that while developing our nation we remain focused on our environment.


Nishant UAV successfully tested by army ahead of induction


One more step in modernization of Indian Army.

But still many more steps need to be initiated and completed on urgent basis as we are standing nowhere in comparison to China which is encroaching in Indian boundaries with every passing day. In case China attacks India we are not in position to have a upper hand in fighting against them as in the case of Pakistan. It may also happen that government will seek immediate helps from international friends and funds from common public for safety and up gradation of forces as happened previously. We should not lose any territory in case of war and then take funds from public and upgrade forces after making this big mistake. We should learn from our past mistakes.

Several Chinese incursions in past few months: Indian Army

Several Chinese incursions in past few months: Indian Army

My observation regarding the same :-

Since Last few months media is highlighting is too much.

Does the tension between India and China rising?

I think China politicians are more dedicated towards their country and due to that Chinese army is strong in view of their manpower, equipment capability while Indian politicians are involved in corruption, scams thus resulting in standing behind China in different aspect like Economy, Defence, technology, Health ec.

India must be very stringent on its border as we already knows that India had fought a war with China earlier.

In International scenario the Chinese activities on border must be highlighted .

Indian Army

Every year a big slice of whole budget goes for Defence sector, millions of taxpayers money is spent on the modernization of security forces but on Sunday, 29th March 09 in Hindustan Times Delhi edition reported that only 850 pouches of a bleeding control medicine has been purchased for soldiers fighting in Jammu & Kashmir. To read this news go to and check e-paper of 29th March 09.

As per the news approximately 100000 (one lac) soldiers are involved in counter-terrorism operations and soldiers are purchasing the medicine out of their own pocket or by making a fund in their unit/battalions. This medicine is readily carried by every soldiers of US forces working in Iraq and Afghanistan, then why not by Indian soldiers.

It is a matter of shame for the army, it should take care of its man-power in serious ways. Army is already facing a crunch of junior level officers and if this type of incident happens it will lower the morals of our fighting soldiers which will create a big problem.

Important point is that we should not forget that all the good/modern equipments are operated / used by humans only, if we have less number of soldiers and if we lost many of them in war due to non availability of medical facilities it is a matter of shame. Where that all millions of rupees of defence budget is going. Is the incident another indicator of corruption involved in Army. Few years back on TV, I listened the view of MP in Parliament that for getting the job of soldier/hawaldar/other ranks in army you need to pay bribe as per the rates slab decided according to ranks, and the common peoples pay that bribe by selling their lands/assets/home or by taking money from others. If the soldier fighting for the nation has these problem how he will concentrate on his ultimate aim (fight against enemies of our nation), in this scenario he will do all wrong works to repay loans or save his home, so the corruption system must be ended.

I am not much aware about the procedures of army/defence sector but i can say that some steps must be taken to remove this problem (corruption) so that our nation remains always safe from external enemies.

Medical facilities must be provided to soldiers on urgent/immediate basis to save their precious life and save the moral of security forces.

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