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AC's eat up 40% of city's total power consumption - Mumbai - City - The Times of India

This is the estimate for Mumbai just think about other metro and urban cities and how much impact it is creating on environment, Government must launch more environment friendly building models/life model/social models and the action must start from TOP to BOTTOM. Government Top functionaries must be the first ones and set example in front of all. Secondly some famous celebrities must be engaged for this purpose and finally big corporate leaders must initiate to reduce AC use of their offices/factories/houses.

It also proves that we all should use renewable energy sources and it is really surprising that the common man pays for the consumption by rich peoples (AC's owner) because of overall rise in price. Just put some extra charges on building using centralized cooling system and give rebate to building using environment friendly systems. Also if possible force some big consumers to reduce their usage of AC's with immediate effect.  Also put additional surcharge on AC's sale/manufacturing from right now as lower AC's cost is also responsible for this situation


Yesterday a spell of pre monsoon rain comes to Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand giving much needed relief. As per expectation monsoon will reach north India by July 12. As we all knows that in previous two weeks due to so much heat everyone is talking about rain and delay of monsoon seeded a fear in government, farmers and everybody that this year we have to face a drought like situation and Indian economy which is already under pressure due to Global Meltdown will further decline and prices of food items which are already very high will further go up. Problem of Power & Water is so big because of declining water levels in major dams like Tehri, Bakhra, etc. and major rivers are on the verge of end. Many parts of the northern india farmers who are dependent on rivers water through canals may not get water and production of kharib may be affected.

So lets pray & hope that rain will come soon and all problems gets solved.