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Trees are important part of our environment, culture and for our life. In our country India we offer prayers to many trees like banayan, pipal etc. but in past few decades due to effect of western culture we not only stopped offering prayers but the focus of society for plantation program is on trees which grows faster and have been brought to India from western culture. For banayan, pipal, neem and other Indian trees are not only best for long time as they give too much to us in the form of life, shadow, coolness, etc. Neem is the best antibiotic tree commonly available in neighborhood when we are child. Pipal is a common tree found in every temple and people offer water it regularly. Nimboli of neem and barbantas of banayan are still alive in my memories. Here I request the Indian government to save Indian culture government must start planting these trees in government schools, colleges and other plantation programmes. So many initiatives to save environment is being taken and plan…


Since my childhood i listened spiritual stories of Ramayan, Shri Bhagvad Katha and many more. We used to watch Ramayan and Mahabharat serials and learned that juniors, children and younger gi ves so much respect to their elders and seniors. Even for the wrong decision and younger s softly request elders about reconsideration of matter but if we see moder life trends the young ones don't listens to the elders.

Our Television serials, movies etc. of current times shows that elders touch the feet of young ones and request sorry to their sons and daughters. Even in one of the recent advertisement I seen that a junior clerk bluntly reply to his Senior officer for his helping offer and definitely it affects the moral values of peoples especially young and teenagers generation of our society. Someone said that writers, Poets shows mirror to the society but Television Serials and movies based on great novels etc. totally reverse the basic message by wrong presentation.

Why are Directors …

Legalize prostitution if you can't curb it: SC to govt - India - The Times of India

Legalize prostitution if you can't curb it: SC to govt - India - The Times of India: "-scale child trafficking in the"

Firstly i would like to say I am not against any order of Hon'ble Apex Court and below written points are not against any orders of Hon'ble Court.

Can we imagine what impact it will have on society in case it is legalized?

And why the government is not able to curb because of corruption/less effective administration/involvement of high profile peoples etc.

I know it is very hard to eliminate but it can be scaled down to rock bottom

many peoples will get involved in this trade in case it is legalized especially when no other alternative is their to earn their livelihood many will simply got engaged in this field. Personally I think once someone get involved it will be not possible for him to come out of this trade. Just imagine that after 20-30 years what will happen in society, in every street/corner & locality out of every 10 peoples 2-4 persons…

Arranged Marriages in India

In India the number of successful marriage rate is much higher than any other part of the world. The culture, tradition given from childhood makes a person able to understand the importance of relations. Mostly Indians get married through arranged marriages. Marriage is a necessary part of Indian society. Although Indian society is much affected by of westernization but still arranged marriage is most commonly used path. India's conservative ethos is so ingrained that surveys show that a majority of the young are inclined towards arranged marriages. Arrangement of marriage is responsibility of parents and other elder relatives of any boy/girl. Almost everyone in India still rely on their parents wisdom, foresight and connections to find the right person for them. Besides family, friends and neighbors many match making services, personals and now internet personals provide opportunity for people to get together. Generally social network is used for search for bride or groom who is …