Indian Super Computer

On 13th November TATA Group Supercomputer named EKA becomes the fourth rank fastest supercomputer in the world and fastest in Asia. It achieved the speed of 117.9 Teraflop or trillions of calculations per second. This achievement created another milestone in history of Indian Science & Technology. India first super computer PARAM is the first super computer built by C-DAC when United States denied a Cray supercomputer in 1987 because it feared that India could use for missile and nuclear development programme. Supercomputers are typically used for highly calculation problem solving in quantum mechanical physics, molecular modeling, weather forecasting and climate research, and physical simulation including that of nuclear tests. Indian engineers and mathematicians are already well known in the world. Whole World is familiar with Indian IT power. So now we can say that in the coming decades India will be a super computing nation.

Best of luck to my Nation.