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Disaster Management

Almost every Indian city is vulnerable to man made and natural disasters. Some of the man made disasters are bomb blast, terrorist attack / naxalite attacks while natural calamities like floods  in Bihar, Bengal and Mumbai in recent years and earthquakes in Kashmir, Gujarat. Storms / Tsunami in various coastal regions have left big impact on the mind & strength of nation. Although the whole nation stands united during the hour of crisis but the lack of disaster management, shortage of equipments & infrastructure and non-co-ordination between various government agencies because of lazy attitude of government workers led to the loss of life and assets on very large scale. Some of the disasters left never ending marks on social life.Some important points which needs to be analyzed are as follows :

  • In case of earthquake at Gujarat I read and listen that debris removing equipments (which are human friendly and modern) of International Community are very much better in comparison to Indian equipments.

  • In case of Tsunami USA has better warning systems with them.

  • After WTC attacks USA made its security system very strong and saved / failed further terrorist attacks.

Many more disasters could have been stopped if government is alerted. Actually we don't have proper policies and system which are required during crisis hour. Generally Army is called in case of natural calamities which should be the last option but it seems that it is the only option with authorities.
Almost all of our metro cities has high rise buildings (group housings/corporate offices/malls)  and mostly all of them constructed after approvals of various government agencies but in case of any mis-happenings like (fire/bomb blast/ earthquake/flood/etc.) in these buildings do the district administration have complete infrastructure/equipment to deal with this problem. Like case of Fire at IOC in Jaipur all safety measures failed and even central government is not successful to stop fire. Personally I knows that once the approval from concerned authority is taken most of the safety measures dies due to lack of maintenance. A regular monitoring/inspection system of safety measures should be in place so that we can reduce the chances of any disaster. It must be made sure that inspection is not only a formality which gets completed because of corruption means enforcement of law should goes in strict manner. Arrested SIMI chief planned terror strikes

Arrested SIMI chief Safdar Nagori had called a meeting in Indore to finalise plans for major terror strikes across the country, police sources have said.
Another SIMI activist Ehtesham has told the police that Nagori held a series of meetings to plan the strikes.
He also organised training camps in Madhya Pradesh to raise a local terror force.
Nagori's plan was to set up a completely indigenous jehadi outfit trained in the use of explosives and sophisticated arms.
He also wanted to create a force of fidayeens or suicide bombers.
Ehtesham, who was caught after the Mumbai train blasts, has also revealed that Nagori played a key role in the Malegaon and Mumbai train blasts.
With the Indore arrests, the police have managed to catch almost all major SIMI chiefs.
An ATS team Mumbai left for Madhya Pradesh on Thursday night to ask for his custody to probe his role in the blasts.
The Karnataka police have said that Nagori, Shibli and Adnan were involved in the foiled Hubli terror attack plot. Arrested SIMI chief planned terror strikes