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Dhoni banned for 2 ODIs for slow over-rate in Nagpur

Dhoni banned for 2 ODIs for slow over-rate in Nagpur

It will be really a setback of Team India if ban is applicable with immediate effect.

Let us Hope that ban is applicable after end of series.

Whatever happens but keep the spirit of Sports Alive.

IPL Matches

Since the announcement of General Elections, IPL matches are point of discussion for everyone. It is a hot topic for electronic and print media also. Home Ministry advised IPL authorities to change the schedule due to non availability of security agencies. Revised schedule submitted by IPL is also not okayed by Home Ministry and it had asked report from the concerned state. some of the states have said that they will manage it while other states views are not clear. In view of recent attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team in Pakistan every cricketers and fans of cricket is saying that security must be of very high level for IPL matches. So All the franchisees, IPL organizers and cricketers are working hard to manipulate that IPL happens on time even if it disrupt fair election practice because it brings lot of money to them. They may give bribes to each & every concerned.

The big question is that whether money is important or election.

I think election is the most important thing and everyone concerned must look for alternative way to organise IPL match .

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Sydney test

In second test match umpires Mark Benson and Steve Bucknor gave so many wrong decisions against team India. Television replays clearly proves that decisions taken by empires were totally wrong. Moreover Australian team have not played the game with true spirit and raise the issue of racism which had made a great impact on the popularity of this great game i.e. Cricket. The century of VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar century had raise a ray of hope that match will be very interesting and may be victory will be in favour of Indians or match will be a draw. A doubt also comes in mind of every cricket lover is that match had been fixed using and umpires have a big role in that. Decision taken by ICC to change umpires for next match is absolutely right but did ICC asked explanation from both umpires why they did not handle the match properly. Also media should question Mr. Steve and Mr. Benson about their view whether they are realizing their mistake or they think that the decision taken by them is right? BCCI Chief Sharad Pawar must take further steps to save Harbhajan Singh from any harassment as any action against him will demoralize whole Indian Team.

I think in interest of cricket both team should come forward and play the next match with true game spirit.

Also the controlling bodies / authorities must make the proper arrangements so that game does not have impact of any wrong thing.


Indian Cricket Team is working good without regular coach. Please send me ur views.