After Rain

Thankfully yesterday some rain spell at area of old Faridabad made the environment cooler but water logged at various places like Sec-16 near Motimahal area, 16-17-18 chowk, etc. made the situation very critical because of inaction of various government agencies. If you go from Old Faridabad to Naharpar the road is in worst condition and pedestrians can not move due to single road and encroachment on pavements. 2-3 months back road has been digged for laying of bigger sewerage line and mud is not removed which is blocking all entry points made for water exit. Whenever any scooter/car/truck/bus moves in logged water the peoples standing on the roadside are totally wet due to water waves. Think about small students who are ready to go school and person who is waiting for his office cab and suddenly due to a fast moving vehicle his clothes are wet and dirty, what is the solution of this problem. It is all because of lack of action by government administration.

As per my observation generally government spent's a big amount on cleaning of sewerage before monsoon every year and possibly the same has been done this year too but this year possibly the activity has gone only on papers and taxpayers money eaten by corrupt individuals or gang of corrupt officials/contractors/others.