Judges Assets

Since last few days assets of judiciary is under limelight. Everyone (experts, politicians, judges, common man ) is expressing his views about this. Some are in favor of it while some are against it.

The most important question is that what will happen even if judges will declare their assets. We know that few years back Election Commission of India has made it mandatory for declaring the asset when you go for fighting a election, now every politician declare his asset at the time of his nomination but is it a real picture of their assets and how many times it increases during their days of power.

I am not saying that Judges should not declare their asset but their accountability but it must go in a true manner. Judge must be accountable for their workings.

Till date their is no law which says that Judges must declare their asset and making of law may take a very long time as generally happens in our country. May be situation (trust of common men) slips through the hands of system and it will be a biggest nightmare.

Send me your views on same.