Encroachment on Green Belt

There is no need to mention about encroachment in Green Belt Area as all of us knows that generally in residential areas it is encroached by cutting of trees for the purpose of parking, making open pakka verandha, construction of security cabins, etc. Whenever government agencies develop any new residential areas/sectors, concept of green belt is used and its main purpose is to maintain good environment in area but its is becoming a general practice by individual/organisation/group to cut down trees and make residential/commercial use of the green belt area. In Faridabad if we move and check various sectors you will not find any trees on the green belt area so i think Government/NGO's/RWA must take initiative and start plantation programme on green belt. After doing the plantation arrangement must be done for care , watering of plants. I Personally recommend a balance combination in some fix ratio as per experts recommendation of neem, pipal, badh (Bargad) and some kind of trees which grow very fast.

All the chaiwallah shops, taxistand, painter shop, cycle/rickshaw repair shop, jhuggis etc. must be removed and the same people can be provided employment in work related to plantation and maintenance of green belt.