Legalize prostitution if you can't curb it: SC to govt - India - The Times of India

Firstly i would like to say I am not against any order of Hon'ble Apex Court and below written points are not against any orders of Hon'ble Court.

Can we imagine what impact it will have on society in case it is legalized?

And why the government is not able to curb because of corruption/less effective administration/involvement of high profile peoples etc.

I know it is very hard to eliminate but it can be scaled down to rock bottom

many peoples will get involved in this trade in case it is legalized especially when no other alternative is their to earn their livelihood many will simply got engaged in this field. Personally I think once someone get involved it will be not possible for him to come out of this trade. Just imagine that after 20-30 years what will happen in society, in every street/corner & locality out of every 10 peoples 2-4 persons are sex workers and it may also lead to clash between good families and those sex workers creating law & order problems.
Sometime creating problem / clash between elder and younger generation.

I am not denying the fact that it will also have some positive impact on society like instead of bring criminal/naxalite/terrorist etc. one more easy way is available for peoples to earn their livelihood but still at cost of moral and social values. It will totally change social paradigms of society.

Moreover the criminals who are doing it now will work with open handed and a new class of mafia will come into existence in association with corrupt officials.

It will not only increase corruption but will also lead to loss of moral values in society and for our social/moral values We Indians have proud of us.

In case of any objection please let me know so that article can be removed.