Monsoon has reached in all parts of India and many parts of country are affected from flood problem and almost every major city is facing water logging problem. If we see few weeks back water scarcity is a very big problem in many cities of the country. If we think carefully about the situation we the humans had reversed the nature cycle because we consume natural resources like anything and never plans and works to recharge them. In every monsoon season media highlights the problems of water logging, floods pictures and videos from all over India and we just pass comment about these problem but never wakes up and moves towards solution of problems.

Rain Water  must be reserved and stored for lateral usage as we knows that ground water level has gone down drastically and many regions are in dark zone because of non recharge of ground water. The reason behind non recharging is increasing in concrete area and non adoption of methods, techniques and ways of RAIN WATER HARVESTING. Rain water must be harvested in all aspects of life and at every place whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. Also our farmers must be educated to store and use rain water. On the part of government motivation in form of subsidy, guidance and awareness program etc. required to be executed at ground level not only in papers. Generally schemes / project of government takes too long to reach / execute and by the time project really starts and takes speed the time is already passed and projects/scheme become irrelevant.
For rain water harvesting Macro & Micro both kinds of methods need to be adopted.

Technical innovation required for above which are commercial viable at small and large levels.

Heat Wave

Heat wave has started and temperature has started rising above levels of 40 degree Celsius. In coming day’s temperature will keep increasing and jeopardize the normal life. Hopefully summer vacation for school going children’s will start soon as the children are the first and prime victim of heat wave. These days danger exists for many common diseases like Diarrhea, water borne infection, low blood pressure etc.

  • Some common methods to save yourself from heat stroke are as under :-
  • Drink lot of lemon water, fruit juice, liquid drinks, milk, glucose 
  • Wash your hand, legs and face 2-3 times during the day with water
  • Eat lots of seasonal fruits like water melons, cucumber, Muskmelon, etc.
  • Everyday take bath 2 times a day (morning & evening)
  • Cover your body as much as possible to save yourself from heat & warm air waves.
  • Use umbrella, towel on head / Cap or Hut
  • Try to complete & execute your work during morning and evening hours (avoid  afternoon timings for field work until or unless it is very much necessary)

Immediately consult Doctor in case of any problem.