Monday, December 4, 2017


Few days back there is news in media and newspaper that one of MAX HOSPITAL in Delhi WRONGLY DECLARED A LIVE BABY DEAD. A BIG FAILURE, NOT A FAILURE BUT A CRIME. For this crime guilty must be punished with strictest punishment as per legal norms and hospital control and management should be transferred to Government with immediate effect. The guilty Doctor and medical staff license must be cancelled immediately and a legal case must be initiated against them for their negligence and commercialization.

The second case is of FORTIS hospital where a child undergoing treatment of dengue died and hospital handed over a bill of Rs.17-18 lakhs to victim’s family. Hospital used 2700 globes and 660 syringes as per the news reported.  Even Hon’ble Court raised question over this type of treatment.

In another incident Medanta hospital also charges Rs.17 lakh (Approx.) a 7 years old patient for 22 days. The child died after being discharged due to lack of funds. There are so many other unreported medical cases where wrong doings of private hospitals, medical staff not comes to limelight as the victim is poor and common men and on the basis of their money and network private hospital able to hide their mistake and negligence.


There is also news in e-media that reported about the medical test carried out by Doctors in India is almost 66% higher than required. It is definitely for the purpose of their personal profits and against moral values of Medical Services.
Every private hospital generally has a medicine shop inside their campus and the medicine mentioned by hospital/doctor will be available only on that shop. There is no need to mention here that prices of that particular medicine with same salt is 5 to 10 times higher than market prices. No Doctor/Hospital prescribes medicines which are available commonly at affordable prices.

A story on social media said that in coming years the normal level of sugar may be changed to 70-100 from 80-120 as Drug companies wants to increase sale of sugar medicines.

The reason behind above is non-availability of Proper / Timely Government medical facilities as the government hospitals are already too much crowded and much negligence and misbehavior of government employees towards patients forces them to move to private hospitals for treatment.

I think these top most private social institutions has turned into a vampire who instead of giving benefits to society actually harassing, damaging, killing social values, humanity, etc.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

सब्र कर, संघर्ष कर

सब्र कर मुश्किल पलों में
जिंदगी इम्तिहान लेती है

संघर्ष कर मुश्किल पलों में
जीत हमेशा होती है

बुद्दिमानी , संयम और साहस शस्त्र है
उस युद्ध के जिसको ज़िन्दगी कहते है

क्रोध, डर और जलन दुश्मन है ज़िन्दगी के 
मुस्कुराहट  देती है जन्म उस उम्मीद को

जिस किरण पर ज़िन्दगी टिकी है
मुस्कुरा कयोंकि आगे बढना है

हार - जीत हिस्से दो ज़िन्दगी के
शांति और साहस से बढ़ आगे तू

कयोंकि जिन्दगी एक कर्म है
पथिक तु सफल होगा

सब्र कर, संघर्ष कर
सब्र कर, संघर्ष कर 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pollution Control

On Diwali at 2017 Hon’ble Supreme Court of India banned the sale of fire crackers to stop and control threatening levels of pollution. Some of us criticized the decision. Traders said it will cause heavy losses to them as they had already purchased material and ban is done at last moment. Some groups said that it is a strike on their religious faith. Hot discussions on social media are carried out in and against the ban. My personal view is that the money spent on fire crackers may be used for construction of charitable hospitals, schools, etc. which will be beneficial for society and nation. Also looking at current levels of rising levels of pollution due to smog that the little step (ban on sale of fire crackers) to control pollution is a right step. On last few years at every Diwali my father needs oxygen because of too much pollution but this year thankfully he did not needs to be given oxygen and is relaxed. Although now not only my father but we all feeling eyes burn and problem in breathing due to smog. Some serious action regarding parali must be taken on it to stop burning of parali.

If no action is taken then in coming 3-5 years the North India will have to stop its various activities during October – November. But to do anything in India just decision of courts is not a solution but political will, awareness among common man, technological solutions required.

It is also said that parali can be used in gatta factories for making of card board which may be a source of income for .

At last I will say that I support and honour initiatives and decision of the Hon’ble Court. 

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