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Fight against Red terror failing, admits Manmohan - India - NEWS - The Times of India

Fight against Red terror failing, admits Manmohan - India - NEWS - The Times of India

The root cause of all problems is corruption because all funds made available for development, modernisation of forces, education, health is eaten by corrupt politicians and corrupt officials, middle mans.

I think more black money exist in market than white money.

Each and every government department (from PMO to village level offices) must get checked all his officers from top to botton on yearly basis from Anti Corruption Officers/Vigilance Officers etc.

A state wise and central yearly report must be developed on how much corruption is found in various departments.

This report must be made public otherwise useless.

Reason of Corruption

We all knows about the corruption in our country. We talk about it, raise many question and wants solution of corruption which had very wide reach in the system. It is increasing everyday like anything and had its roots and branch in every department of the system whether private of government sector. But what are the reasons behind the corruption? Why does it happens? I think there are many reasons behind it some of which are as follows :-

- Inability to meet the basic requirements of life

- Greediness to become more rich

- Fear of survival against changing circumstances

- Wish to become more powerful

I think corruption is somewhere has its roots deeps in our history. The TIP given to waiter, INAM given to maid, festival gift given to sweeper/dhobi/guard/driver/others are all branches of tree of corruption in one or other way.

Lets take a example of Some Big Land Lord in a village in ancient era of India or pre independence. Landlords used to keep the lower class / middle peoples for households, farming and others jobs and takes lot of work from them without any defined time limits and criteria to pay, landlord used to pay them a very little/small amount against their services which is not sufficient to complete the daily needs of workers so they request something extra which is given to them in the form of small Inam/ little value Gift on Festivals/functions to show the kindness of landlords. Actually this is the stage from where corruption starts, with the passing time this inam/gift system after the work has taken form of bribe and its is now a part of system. So to remove corruption we need to improve the condition of lower class peoples by stopping their exploitation.

In modern times small class peoples are known as lower class/4th class peoples working in offices and still not getting proper reimbursement against their services to complete their daily needs by wrong means they tries to do earn some money. To become richer and more powerful senior officers take bribes and increase corruption due to their greed. They think that with the help of money and power they will be able to sustain themselves in case of any problem/tough time. In between senior officials/lower class middle level executives working feels that when everyone is earning by wrong (corruption) means so he also get involves in the same thing due to environment effect, stressful life and his wish to go upward.

To remove corruption we must stop exploitation of small peoples/lower class and Implement Anti-Corruption measures from TOP ORDER/Upper Class the results will definitely improve. Anti-Corruption departments performance must be analysed on regular basis by independent bodies whose members are from Government, NGOs, RWAs, etc.

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RTI: Do not Leave it in Lurch!

Indians got their RTI (right to Information) Act in place, which is supposed to usher a new era of transparency and accountability. That is so nice. CIC (Central Information Commission) oversees the RTI implementation all over the country. Mr. Shailesh Gandhi, Central Information Commisssioner says observes:

1. "The government has created the CIC and left it to fend for itself."
2. To a question, "How would you rate the information commissions in various states?", he quipps: very poor.

This speaks volumes of the current state of affairs of RTI. The public has to demad a better accountability of RTI itself! I look at this isisue this way: The democracy becomes effective only if there is a balance of Raj -shakti and Lok-shakti. The governemnt enacted RTI, good enough! but if the people (Lok shakti) do not wake up the realities and demand a better system, no one will deliver them. As citizens how aware and duty bound dow e feel towards our society!

Following are the excerpts of the interview with Mr. shailesh Gandhi, Central Information Commissioner, that appeared in The Tribune. Worth reading!

Central Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi has been promoting and teaching Right to Information (RTI) to various sections. He has conducted over 500 workshops for citizens and officers in slums, clubs, offices and colleges.

Having used the RTI to inform citizens about the Maharashtra CM’s Relief Fund, stopping misuse of over Rs 1000 crore in the redevelopment of Mumbai’s Crawford market and curbing political interference in police transfers, he is today among the six Central Information Commissioners.

In an interview with The Sunday Tribune, he discloses some thorny issues which are hindering the CIC. Excerpts:

Q: Why is the CIC lagging behind?

A: Pending cases is the main problem. There is acute shortage of staff with the Information Commissioners. We are unable to clear more than 1500-1700 cases per year. If we have adequate staff, we can settle at least 4,000 cases.

No proper systems and norms have been put in place as to how the CIC should function in the country even though more and more people are filing RTI petitions. The norms need to be identified and put in place. The commissioners and the staff also need to be trained on how to handle the cases.

Q: Should the RTI be made more stringent and its scope enhanced?

A: No. Presently, adequate number of bodies and offices are covered by it. This would mean amending the RTI Act itself, which would not be advisable. There would be no improvement as such.

Q: How is the Centre’s attitude towards the CIC?

A: The government has created the CIC and left it to fend for itself. Its response should be better to help deliver the goods. The commissioners don’t have the brief to tackle senstive issues which differ from department to department.

Q: What should the Centre do more about dissemination of information?

A: Transparency should be institutionalised. The RTI has ushered in a cultural
change and everyone should understand it. Of course, this change will come
about gradually.

Q: About four Commissioners have retired and their posts have not yet been filled. Isn’t it affecting the work?

A: Some Commissioners have been appointed. The Act provides for 10 Commissioners besides the CIC. If there were seven of them, it would be adequate to settle the cases.

Q: How many cases do you receive every month? Has the average increased
over the years?

A: Last year the CIC received about 15,000 cases. This year it would be much higher; the monthly average of cases has risen to about 1500. This will further go up if the backlog of cases is reduced.

Q: You also receive false cases. Why? How can this practice be checked?

A: It is a common problem with every law or Act and the RTI is no exception. It is a reflection of the present-day society. There are rogues everywhere and every law is misused. There is need for attitudinal change in society.

Q: How would you rate the information commissions in various states? Shouldn’t they be strengthened to become more effective?

A: Very poor. Most commissioners settle hardly 700-800 cases per year. The best disposal, outside the CIC, would be about 1500 cases per year, which reflects a very poor state of affairs.

The number of pending cases is on the rise and it is turning out to be alarming. If this continues over the next four to five years, the Act itself would be dead. The situation needs to be resolved by the government on priority.

Q: What is the CIC’s most important achievement? And how has the RTI empowered the common man?

A: The RTI has empowered the citizen in letter and spirit. He can now sit at home and seek information from the government which it is bound to provide. And the RTI’s real strength is that it is deepening the democracy in the country. Over the next three to four years, there can be a sea change in governance, provided we are able to clear the pending cases.

(Backlog of RTI cases alarming: Gandhi by Girja Shankar Kaura/The Tribune March 29,09)

Corruption: the Major Issue for Elections

Corruption is the major issue for the upcoming LS elections, but it should not surprise the countrymen that political parties are just not talking about it. Instead, the national and regional political parties are busy aligning and re-aligning, shuffling and re-shuffling their stands! Purpose: How to increase the bargaining power so that in post-poll market, they will be able to raise the bar. Raise the bar for ideals, and principles! No, raise the bar for extracting maximum for the power-sharing.

The three fronts are emerging: i) BJP and its allies making NDA, ii) UPA now representing mainly Congress as all the allies have deserted it, and iii) Third Front: a conglomerate of various parties who do not believe in pre-poll alliance and are not ready to even guess until elections are over because they will weigh the possibilites after the results are out. Expect these self-serving parties to do the task of nation-building!

My fellow countrymen, leave your notions of party ideologies, shake the boxes of your affiliations! These are parasites who are sucking our blood, draining our (tax payers') money and just busy politicking! Not to disparage the honest and sincere political leaders, I must say that unless the whole vision of what politics is all about, our democracy will remain in peril. We need elected leaders who commit to nation building by focusing on education, health, better public and civic administration, national security and integrity, social security for the all (particularly underprivileges masses), economic security, etc. We do not elected leaders who have come to understand that politics is all about indulging in populistic measures and making false promises!

The only solution for the short term:

1. Come out and vote on the day of voting!

2. Vote for candidates based upon the track-record, performance and profile. Do not be swayed by caste and party affiliations.

3. Destroy Regional Parties: Vote for candidates who can provide clean leadership. Throw these small regional parties out of the window as they are going to pollute the post-poll environment by extracting their flesh. These regional parties should not have any stake on the national issues! They were created to fulfill local aspirations and at national level, they will at the best create instability by producing a hung parliament!

Until political reforms are brought in so that the menace of cross over (dal badal) , unholy post-poll alliance is checked and pol parties are disciplined, these short term measures will at least give some relief to stabilize our democracy.

Remove Corruption

Actually we all talk, discuss and highlight issue of corruption in Indian system but their is no movement or campaign is started where a group of initiators shows the example of fighting against corruption.

I think a website should be started by some good peoples/NGO/Government/private company where peoples can join free and city wise meeting must be called and every participant/registered user must be motivated that he/she will not pay bribe and highlight the problem in common meetings. The well-being of its members must be ensured and also steps should be initiated to get his/her work completed.

Here i would like to mention the example of Another website is where everyone can express his/her own views about the same.In addition to these websites we should also hold meetings and provide support for solution faced by common man when he fought against corruption.

In simple words we can say that 'Awareness is the key to solution', 'Motivation will lead to Action' and 'Society support will solve the problem'.

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