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हरियाणा में ठंड ने दी दस्तक, 14 दिसंबर तक बारिश जारी रहने की आशंका


हमारा पर्यावरण

सूखे पतों  को हम जलाते हैधुंआ फैलाते है ,पर्यावरण  को नुकसान पहुँचाते है   कब संभलेंगे हमकद्र  करो प्रकृति की वरना मिट जाआगे हरी भरी हो दुनिया सारी ले सके साँस आने वाली नस्ले हमारी
ना दे वो ताना की हमने बिगाड़ा भविष्य उनका मत बनो जिम्मेदार अपने ही बच्चो की मौत का
रखना है अगर मनुष्य जीवन कायम तो पेड़ लगाओ , पेड़ बचाओ , पेड बचाओ उठो , जागो, आगे बढ़ो और पर्यावरण बचाओ

Jaitapura Nuclear Power Project

Yesterday One person died and some others injured in police firing at Jaitapura in Maharashtra. Some Policemen also get injured in stone pelting by agitating peoples. These Peoples who are agitating against 9900 MW Nuclear Power Project which is going to be established their by Central government. For this purpose government is acquiring land and removing peoples from that place. In Starting A group of peoples manhandled the Nate Police Station official and police started lathi charge and later on Fired in air to control the situation. In his last visit to Jaitapura, Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said no about any "re-think" on the proposed mega nuclear power plant at Jaitapur in Maharashtra. The boiling statement given by ShivSena Chief Bal Thackery and presence of local ShivSena representative has increased the intensity level of agitation. 
My question is that in view of crisis at Japan , Fukushim Nuclear Power Plant should not we think about it and the safety a…

Environment in Residential Areas

When you are traveling on a two wheeler and cross some area which is full of trees do you feel some pleasure of coolness and freshness and feel uneasyness in the area where industrial waste is dumped. In residential areas we don't have much number of trees especially the old and congested part of every city and these areas are polluted becasue of pollution by general regular activity of human beings and also these old areas host some small industries.

An initiative is required in this direction to improve the number of trees and reduce pollution by new scientific methods. Some examples may be created by government in their own staff quarters which can be further replicated for general areas.

Modernisation Versus Environment

Today in the race of modernization against already developed countries of the world India as a nation is busy in building roads, bridges, buildings means concrete jungle and damaging its environment like anything.

Whenever we made any road we cut lots of trees and cut our hills for road construction material means double damage to environment and never plans how to compensate that loss so policy should be made that whenever anybody cuts one tree another tree is planed against the same.

Also when we made flyover we cut road side trees and drill the earth to raise the pillars for flyover again two sided attack on environment so our engineers must try to find out the designs which are environment friendly and have space for greenery consisting of not only flowers and plants but for trees also.

During the creation new residential colonies and sector by government also many of agricultural land is compromised instead of developing residential area on non-agricultural land.

I think government s…

Faridabad to Delhi

Yesterday I traveled From Faridabad to Delhi Domestic Airport via Karan Singh Shooting range road , Greater Kailash and found that foot path is being constructed on both side of road near shooting range and open space around tree is left, which is a good construction practice. In Greater Kailash and Airport area it is very hard to see trees, you are surrounded by all the concrete jungle. Instead of cutting the trees it is better to relocate the big trees if possible.

I think in view of Commonwealth Games some greenery must be maintained near airport area as it will not only help in maintaining environment and reduce pollution but also increase beauty of area.

Save Aravali

Their is a news on Times of India website that government is going to recover amount of rehabilitation from offenders. It is really good if government successfully recovers amount of rehabilitation from the offenders who created havoc in this area for the own individual interest. But it is a known fact to local peoples that most of these mines are under the command of political leaders and main source of income for them. Due to political power in their hand i think it will be not possible for the government to recover the amount from offenders and later on matter will thrown in to cold bag.

But even now if mining is stopped and environment laws are enforced strictly and rehabilitation project are implemented on war scale then we will be definately able to save the environment of Aravali Hills. Also all the existing residential / commercial / industrial set up in aravali are must be forced to take measures to stop the pollution generated by them. Also some environment tax must be impos…

Rape of the Aravalis: Photo blog 2:Random Access:Rajesh Kalra's blog-The Times Of India

I am agree to the author's view that when mining can happens during the ban period how it will be as per norms after opening of ban. We all know the role of corruption and money power.

As per my view mining activities must be stopped immediately and anybody found guilty must be punished in strict way (financial as well as physically).

If we will go against nature we will led to finish of human creatures on this planet.

Rape of the Aravalis: Photo blog 2:Random Access:Rajesh Kalra's blog-The Times Of India

Encroachment on Green Belt

There is no need to mention about encroachment in Green Belt Area as all of us knows that generally in residential areas it is encroached by cutting of trees for the purpose of parking, making open pakka verandha, construction of security cabins, etc. Whenever government agencies develop any new residential areas/sectors, concept of green belt is used and its main purpose is to maintain good environment in area but its is becoming a general practice by individual/organisation/group to cut down trees and make residential/commercial use of the green belt area. In Faridabad if we move and check various sectors you will not find any trees on the green belt area so i think Government/NGO's/RWA must take initiative and start plantation programme on green belt. After doing the plantation arrangement must be done for care , watering of plants. I Personally recommend a balance combination in some fix ratio as per experts recommendation of neem, pipal, badh (Bargad) and some kind of trees w…

Stray Animals in India: Do We have any Policy?

Public concerns do not always refer to the issues of corruption, accountability, justice. Of course, these issues are very dear to Mission India foundation (MIF). Since my friend Krishnan - A GreenPeace corp- almost threatened that he would withdraw his support from MIF if MIF did not pay attention to environment ( Al Gore of Tamil Nadu!), my curious brain started roaming on Indian roads and I said to myself: "Got to take up a public issue, man!" And here we go: Apparently small and trivial issues sometime if paid attention look worth-discussing. Let us take this example of stray cattle.
India is home to approximately 60 million stray cattle. That sounds astounding!
What are the implication of stray animals:1. They destroy the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings (without getting the wrath of animal lovers!).2. They cause accidents on the roads, they may cause injuries to kids, elderly people.3. They contribute to environmental uncleanliness, filthiness (think of pigs, dogs).4…

Forest Land of Aravali

In last one week all the major newspapers have published about the decision of Hon'ble Court about demolishing of structures in Forest Area of Aravali In Faridabad, as everybody knows that it can lead to loss of thousand crores.I just want to say when peoples have bought plots from HUDA (HaryanaUrban Development Authorities) and taken flats in societies constructed by private builders who have taken permission from State Government. If Government have approved then government should pay for it . Common peoples should not suffer due to mistake of government.Now I think new land bank should be identified and plantation must be started on immediate basis over their. The cost of plantation may be recovered from government.

Environmental Changes

Due to heavy raining flood in Bihar, Assam and Orissa many peoples are dead and lakhs of peoples gets displaced while crops on lacs of hectare submerged in flood water and it is hard to estimate the loss of other assets. It is all result of wrong steps like industrialization, Cutting forests on large scale, etc. which affects the environment of our planet ‘Earth’ and we all knows about Global Warming. Even if you want to analyze, see the Mt.Everest picture of 1970 and see the picture of today, you will immediately feel the change. If we continue to play with the nature & environment of our planet it will become a danger for human beings. Every individual should put his effort to improve the environment.Please send me the ways how the rain water can be used so that no flood occurs and our environment did not gets affected.

National Animal (Tiger)

From last few years our National Animal Tiger had been illegally killed on large scale by poachers for its skin, skull and bones. There are only 1,500 tigers (approx. figure) in India's reserves and jungles—down from about 3,600 just few years ago and an estimated hundred thousand a century ago, according to the government. Experts say tigers are killed for their pelts and body parts to make supply for Chinese traditional medicine market is a very big reason in the sharp decline of wild tigers in last few years. Trade of tiger’s body parts, skull, skin etc. is banned under the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, or CITES. One of the famous sanctuary ‘Sariska’ now do not have any Tiger as per the reports. Poaching had reached a level that Prime Minister himself has to intervene and initiated a mission to protect Tigers. A tiger's function in the scheme of things is to help maintain the balance in nature and if we do not take action to save the endangered…

Green Belt

To maintain ecological balance and environment of our planet trees and plants are very important. But whenever we need land for industries, roads, residential purpose, trees, plants are destroyed which results in environmental imbalance not only in that particular area but also the whole earth environment. When trees and plants are destroyed on large scale for human needs some area is reserved for plants, trees and greeneries which is called Green Belt. But with passage of time Green Belt gets encroached by residents, industries, hawkers etc. and moreover trees fall down, plants gets destroyed because of non-care. Whether it is NGO industries, residents, industry, individual or Govt. body, no one puts any effort to maintain greenery in Green Belt. As per my observation some Area wise survey must be carried out to find the scope of plantation in Green Belt Area so that maximum plantation can be done. Some funds must be continuously diverted or reserved for maintenance of this area. Man…
GLOBAL WARMINGMuch time we read and listen about the changes in our environment due to Global Warming which is increasing everyday and now it is a very big problem not for any particular company but for whole World. One international poll finds that climate change is a pressing problem. Even UN Secretary General told the world leaders of 150 nations on 24th September that now the doubt stage for Global Warming is passed and we have clear scientific details about the severity of problem and we have to act fast to save our planet. In 62nd General Assembly session the climate change is central theme. It is the emergency for whole of our planet that is in front of all human civilization. All the countries on this planet should take immediate and serious actions to solve this problem which is the biggest threat to humanization. Please post your ideas, steps required to solve this problem.