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Deepawali or Diwali the festivals of light has come. Everyone will celebrate it in their own way. Old age or senior citizens will spoke to their counterparts and elders or matures will meet and exchange gifts, sweets with their relatives and friends. The youngsters will celebrate the festivals with shopping, party, bursting crackers and enjoying with their friends. Between all these things we forget about the waste generation in form of packing material, consumables and smoke generated due to bursting of fire crackers. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has fixed the timings for bursting of fire crackers, in addition to this I think that some kind of environment maintenance tax must b imposed on fire crackers so that the tax collected could be used for betterment of environment.

Also all of us should start a new trend of exchanging and planting a tree before or after Diwali at their garden or at some other location so that we make reimbursement to nature of our self part. The same may become a part of our culture and tradition so that the coming generation will start learning it from their childhood itself and planet earth will be safe for coming generation of humanity.  

Queen of Hills Shimla

Queen of Hills, Shimla a famous tourist place / hill station especially during the summers situated at an altitude of 2128 meters known for its good cool environment is facing the slap of global warming. Recently I read on website of some news site probably times of India or Hindustan times that first time in history of Shimla summer vacation in government schools of Shimla has been announced for few days due to rise in mercury level which is around 30° Celsius, five degree above normal. Even private institutions have been advised to declare summer holidays. Peoples are advised to stay indoors during afternoon. Lack of Pre-monsoon showers have increased the temperature and heat waves and the farmers of Shimla is also under threat due to changing environment and loss of crops may be seen in near future. Some Old peoples say that two-three decades back even during the month of June they wear some warm clothes but now the climate is totally changed and people wear summer clothes. In changing scenario cooling systems, fans and Air conditioners are must now a days in this beautiful city.

Famous resorts around Shimla like Narkanda, Kufri, Kasauli, Manali, Dharamsala, Palampur, Chamba and Dalhousie also facing heat waves and temperature is above normal as per Metrological department. Meteorological department also reports that minimum and maximum temperature remains above average throughout the year clearly indicating that hills are warming up. If hills will warm up, glaciers will decline and sea water level increase and environment cycle will totally damaged means the destruction of our planet and ends of humans. We are clearly moving very fast towards destruction.

Experts says that environment of Shimla has changed due to global warming, deforestation on large scale and rise in pollution.

Government of Himachal Pradesh must start implementing the steps on very fast track basis to increase awareness, making laws, rules & regulations to save their capital. NGO's must start some programmes in small villages around Shimla for starting environment friendly activities. On Individual level anyone who is living in and around Shimala must stop every activity which affects climate and I request all the tourists to be friendly with environment so that the coming next generations can enjoy their trips to the Queen of Hills.


Environment of our planet is loosing its strength by every passing day since last few decades because of rapid increase in industrialization without following pollution norms, cutting of trees on large scale without re-plantation, increasing population and desire of human beings to do something new without thinking about its impact on environment. Due to above mentioned reasons pollution spreads in various form like air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, land pollution, etc. Pollution had crossed all its limit and increasing at a very very high speed with every passing day which in turn creating issues like global warming, climate change etc. now all developed and developing nations of our world are concerned about environmental issues and United Nations celebrates 5th June as Environment Day all over the world and promotes ways and methods to save our environment. Every individual not only speak about it but apply the rules in his/her regular routine.

Please post your ideas to deal with environmental issues.