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ISI Attacked Pakistan

Today the main news was attack on ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) Pakistan office by militant who rammed his explosive filled car into ISI Office gate at Peshwar killing and injuring many persons. The above attack not only highlights the bad situation of law & order in Pakistan but also shows that any organization which plants dangerous sapling results in bleeding from them when they grow. It is result of ISI own wrong doing in past decades. ISI itself helped to grow Islamic extremists (Al-Qaida/Taliban) and now it is the first slap on the face of ISI. In recent past many security establishment had been attacked by Taliban militants and in recent scenario  Government of Pakistan should take concrete step to stop Islamic Extremists from taking control of their nation. To fight Islamic extremist only military actions will be not sufficient and some long term steps / development initiatives must be taken  to control the growth of Taliban/Al-Qaida. Primary/Higher Education must be p…

Rawalpindi Bomb Blast

Is Bomb Blast in Rawalpindi killing many innocent peoples (mostly defence person) is done by terrorist in reply of Lal Masjid event. Does it indicates that Terrorism in Pakistan is going much beyond its limits and now the time came when again the democracy will come back to Pakistan or the power will goes in the hands of terrorists.

It may be possible that Military Administration will be able to control terrorism and lead the Pakistan on path of Development.