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Crorepati MPs

In recent election many candidates tried their luck and almost all the major political parties have given their tickets to the candidates who are full of money and muscle power and even did not have a objection on their criminals background. It is a common fact that rich are not much aware about the problem of middle & lower class problem, they just know how to exploit their juniors. In new Lok Sabha their are more crorepati MPs than in 2004 Lok Sabha and more number of MPs with criminal record in comparison to last Lok Sabha. Even Election Commission have accepted that it is not successful to stop use of money in election and about use of muscle power we all know openly. Voters are threatened openly and stopped from casting their vote. The most important fact that all the young MPs in new Lok Sabha are son/daughters of famous leaders and belongs to political families and this point makes a international impact on our Democracy.I want to put few points regarding improvement in Pol…