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India V/s Pakistan

After attack at Uri Army camp by Pakistan sponsored terrorists in which 18 soldiers of Indian Army laid down their life the situation is very tense and political statement by leaders in both countries on United Nation platform has increased differences by many folds. Pakistan is doing this type of terrorist activities since very long and Mumbai Attack, Parliament Attack had proven again and again that Pakistan is a terrorist state. If a war starts between these two nuclear powers and use of nuclear weapons is done than many crores of people will die in this region. After effects of nuclear war will be more worst than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While terrorism has gripped whole world and no national should support any kind of terrorism in any form. 

In case any national found supporting, sponsoring terrorism big economic sanctions must be imposed on that country. In many terror cases across the whole world Pakistani nationals are found to be involved in direct or indirect way. Looking at this strict economic ban must be imposed on Pakistan so that the country (Leaders, Government and its citizens) starts revolving their thinking from good to bad.

Naxalism & Terrorism

If we look at internal security position of India we are standing at a very critical point because of problems in many parts of country. Most of our urban cities and states of north India like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir faces threat of terrorism.While in the North East we already have problem of Insurgency. Problem of naxalism has already reached very high scale in many states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra.

And about external threats we are well aware about our relations with Pakistan where everyday some terror group plans something against us and China is continuously encroaching in our territory. In last few years our relations with Bangladesh is also gone down and scenario of Sri Lanks is already very known to everybody.

In view of above facts what will be the future of out nation and its citizens.

ISI Attacked Pakistan

Today the main news was attack on ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) Pakistan office by militant who rammed his explosive filled car into ISI Office gate at Peshwar killing and injuring many persons. The above attack not only highlights the bad situation of law & order in Pakistan but also shows that any organization which plants dangerous sapling results in bleeding from them when they grow. It is result of ISI own wrong doing in past decades. ISI itself helped to grow Islamic extremists (Al-Qaida/Taliban) and now it is the first slap on the face of ISI. In recent past many security establishment had been attacked by Taliban militants and in recent scenario  Government of Pakistan should take concrete step to stop Islamic Extremists from taking control of their nation. To fight Islamic extremist only military actions will be not sufficient and some long term steps / development initiatives must be taken  to control the growth of Taliban/Al-Qaida. Primary/Higher Education must be provided to all Pakistani children's/teenagers at free of cost especially in rural areas, development of roads, infrastructure must be carried out on war scale. Medical facilities, employment opportunities, etc. are some steps which helps to control militants growth and eliminate them in coming years.

In recent deteriorating security/law & order situation of Pakistan, International community must come forward and through international forces should take over the control of Nuclear Establishments of Pakistan on immediate basis as if these weapons of mass destruction falls in hands of militants then situation will pass out of hands of whole world means whole world seating on nuclear bombs and the key is in hands of Talibani militants.


On last Friday & Saturday serial bomb blasts taken place in two of our known cities i.e. Bangalore and Ahmedabad and killed around 100 peoples. It shows that terrorist have spread their wings in whole India. They sent threatening email and challenges internal security of India. All the bomb blasts have been done in a planned way and crossing every limit of humanity. If terrorist organizations are working for some good demand then they must not have planted the bombs near hospitals. If they want to show their presence they should follow the method taken by Indian freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, who used the bombs to present his demand without killing a single human. Even Gandhiji called back one of his andolan/movement because of violence has taken place during that andolan/movement. The action of Bhagat Singh & Gandhiji clearly shows that they peoples are working for some genuine reason. But these terrorist groups are not working on any genuine thinking they are just killing peoples and they do not have any humanism. They try to kill more and more peoples to create fear in society. They say that India is weak and they are brave then they should come in open and fight from front why they hide like a mouse after doing their activities.

At this tough time we should all come together and fight with bravery against these bad powers. It is the duty of every citizen to remain alert and provide support to government agencies. We should not think only Law enforcement agency, government have to play the complete role and it is only their duty to stop all these activities. It is the duty of every individual to report the any suspicious activity/person happening around him/her to police immediately.

I would like to appreciate the alertness of Surat citizens who informed the police about two suspicious cars containing bombs. If every one of us will show alertness we will not only save many lives but also able to defeat Terrorism.


Arrested SIMI chief Safdar Nagori had called a meeting in Indore to finalise plans for major terror strikes across the country, police sources have said.
Another SIMI activist Ehtesham has told the police that Nagori held a series of meetings to plan the strikes.
He also organised training camps in Madhya Pradesh to raise a local terror force.
Nagori's plan was to set up a completely indigenous jehadi outfit trained in the use of explosives and sophisticated arms.
He also wanted to create a force of fidayeens or suicide bombers.
Ehtesham, who was caught after the Mumbai train blasts, has also revealed that Nagori played a key role in the Malegaon and Mumbai train blasts.
With the Indore arrests, the police have managed to catch almost all major SIMI chiefs.
An ATS team Mumbai left for Madhya Pradesh on Thursday night to ask for his custody to probe his role in the blasts.
The Karnataka police have said that Nagori, Shibli and Adnan were involved in the foiled Hubli terror attack plot. Arrested SIMI chief planned terror strikes