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Brokers trade JEE toppers to coaching classes for credit - The Times of India

Brokers trade JEE toppers to coaching classes for credit - The Times of India

This is the first breakthrough in to coaching business. This incident has proved that it is purely commercialization of education. A student who secure good rank in IIT-JEE may earn a nice amount if wishes so. The amount is in term of Prize awarded to him but actually it is the money against securing his name as their student. If the coaching sector is investigated it will definitely proved that all the entrance toppers name are sold in market to various institutes. These institutes then advertise the names of this students in their marketing campaign to attract student for admission.

It is pure business and not the education.

In my time education is a noble cause and teachers are respected for their services but the sale-purchase of good rankers has turned the education into business and eaten the social touch of Education sector. Government spends so much on education sector, gives subsidies, loans etc. but it is actually theft of social values by some individuals for their benefits.


44 institutions to lose deemed varsity status

It is a good move by Government in favor of quality education for Indians and will make a strong impact on commercialization of education. Every educational institute now a days is being handled by family persons instead of academicians and interest shown by capitalist in this filed during last decade has made situation worst. Educational School/Colleges/Institutes are a mode of tax free Income/Earning for those peoples and not for upliftment of society.

I think all these universities will make a association and file a case in court and they will also use their network against it and definitely most of them will get time to complete their deficiencies. Also most of them will not hesitate to use means of corruption. According to my view more than 50% of these 44 deemed universities will be able to keep themselves running.

Corruption in Education (AICTE)

AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) , the technical arm who gives approvals on behalf of Government of India for Technical colleges and courses is in limelight due to suspension of its Chairman over corruption case and nearly three dozen office has been sent back to their parent cadres. The step has been taken by HRD ministry so that no influence happens in investigations. CBI (Central Bureau of Investigations) is probing a case of demanding money for increase in intake of seats against some AICTE officials.

This incident shows that corruption is rooted deeply in our system and I know that in last 2-3 years so many engineering colleges opened in Delhi & Haryana. I knows that that big amount and handsome gifts had been given to officials for approval of Colleges even when they are not fulfilling the infrastructure, faculty, other required norms. It is very sad that we want to make India Super Power but our institutes which will give us the future army for work is not at par with world class institutes. This is the reason that we are still behind others. It is only a small hole in Indian Education System which had been noticed, many others are still under cover.

IIT and IIM are only Indian institutes recognized world wide. I think currently we don't need some small technical college on every corner of street but some world class institutions who can train our young force and able to really produce the army of future with a great knowledge.

At last i will say lets see what happens and how government transforms AICTE, i feel that recommendations of Prof. Yashpal Committee is right and must be implemented on priority basis.