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In last few months so many news are there in e-media and newspapers about crime against women and many incidents are reported from small towns and even villages. There is a urgent need to find out the reasons behind it. Today our youths are wasting their too much time with electronic devices like television and mobile

About television my observation is that they shows too much violence and these violent activities have negative impact on teenagers and youths mind. Also free and low cost access to internet through mobile has lead to youth fascination towards many unwanted material on net.
The highly decreased personal interaction between human beings is also responsible for crime because new young generations fail to understand the importance of moral and social values. The topic of discussion among youth groups are generally vulgar and negative and leads to increased crime. If the energy of youths are used and taken into right direction then it will be beneficial for society and natio…

against reservation


Legalize prostitution if you can't curb it: SC to govt - India - The Times of India

Legalize prostitution if you can't curb it: SC to govt - India - The Times of India: "-scale child trafficking in the"

Firstly i would like to say I am not against any order of Hon'ble Apex Court and below written points are not against any orders of Hon'ble Court.

Can we imagine what impact it will have on society in case it is legalized?

And why the government is not able to curb because of corruption/less effective administration/involvement of high profile peoples etc.

I know it is very hard to eliminate but it can be scaled down to rock bottom

many peoples will get involved in this trade in case it is legalized especially when no other alternative is their to earn their livelihood many will simply got engaged in this field. Personally I think once someone get involved it will be not possible for him to come out of this trade. Just imagine that after 20-30 years what will happen in society, in every street/corner & locality out of every 10 peoples 2-4 persons…

My Neighbors

In the big scenario of metropolitan advance cities of today we are losing our social contacts/ apsi bhaichara/padoswad. Even many of us not known to the family/person living next door to us or if known then it is totally a formal relation means saying hello when we are leaving for office or meeting once a while when meets by chance. In some posh localities of big metropolitan cities peoples are not aware about the problems of their neighbors. Even if someone is in hospital or some is going out of station neither we care to inform our neighbors nor the neighbors try to inquire. Sometimes in case of deaths neighbors do not think about the arrangement of basic facilities (food, water, activities related to crimination) for the affected family. In case of some functions like marriage peoples do not participate like a neighbors but like a guest who comes at last moment shakes hands, eats dinners and goes back.In small village peoples lives like a family, every neighbors is like a family me…