Lalgarh Overtaken

Area of Lalgarh in West Bengal is now under the command of Naxalist and they are controlling more than 100 villages and openly announced that they are going to takeover more and more areas under their control. Although central para military security forces have reached their but they are sitting idle on the boundary drawn by naxalist. Security forces are just waiting for the orders from top political brass for they go ahead. In this scenario all political parties are playing their politics without thinking about national interest. While the central government has put the ball in the court of state government by sending its troops and state government is thinking how the action by security forces will affect their political motives after the incident of Nandigram and Singur.

Without thinking about politics the security forces must be given go ahead immediately and a parallel team must be raised which solves the reason behind this scenario as it is said that tribals backed naxalist Police Atrocities. The demands must be listened and solutions to their genuine problems must be provided immediately.


  1. yes problem is becoming serious

  2. It is a problem which turn into a major national embarresment.Centre is waiting to take maximum political advantage against CPI-(m).
    We do not take long to say Taliban is only 100 kms away from India.But Lalgarh seems very far to these selfish netas

  3. chawla ji

    you are very right

    our political leaders only think about their own benefit

    today on TOI website i read that home ministry have application for 10 more states

    means divide india