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India stops work on J&K road project as China raises objections- Hindustan Times

India stops work on J&K road project as China raises objections- Hindustan Times

Why the work is stopped, if it is under Indian territory, Is their any possibility of political corruption and just the fear of China.

May be the danger to road workers in case of firing across the border.

But Indian government should raise the issue at highest level on immediate basis and International Community must be made aware about it so that the real attitude of China is clear to whole World. Also Indian government should try so that other countries write to China for their malign attitude.

In the meanwhile every step must be taken to restore road work as early as possible.

We should also make sure that no corruption exist on border issue on any level (from top to bottom).

I think UNO President must write to Chinese Government for this type of violations.

Several Chinese incursions in past few months: Indian Army

Several Chinese incursions in past few months: Indian Army

My observation regarding the same :-

Since Last few months media is highlighting is too much.

Does the tension between India and China rising?

I think China politicians are more dedicated towards their country and due to that Chinese army is strong in view of their manpower, equipment capability while Indian politicians are involved in corruption, scams thus resulting in standing behind China in different aspect like Economy, Defence, technology, Health ec.

India must be very stringent on its border as we already knows that India had fought a war with China earlier.

In International scenario the Chinese activities on border must be highlighted . Indians in New York urge US to boycott Olympics

Sunday, March 30, 2008 (New York)The Indian American Intellectuals Forum has urged the United States to boycott the coming Olympics to send a ''clear and strong'' message to Beijing that Washington would not tolerate suppression of and brutalities against peace-loving Tibetans.
''This will be a minimal symbolic gesture of our solidarity with the Tibetan people,'' said the Forum President Narain Kataria in a letter to President George Bush on Saturday.
Kataria said that in 2002, US Congress had passed the Tibetan Policy Act that calls for the preservation of culture and identity of Tibetans living in exile and in Tibet.
''Under that act, it is the sacred duty of United States to protect the non-violent Tibetans from the brutal wrath of Chinese army,'' he stressed.
Pointing to ''reign of terror and repression'' let loose by the ''world's largest military dictatorship on ''hapless non violent'' Tib…