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Dhoni banned for 2 ODIs for slow over-rate in Nagpur

Dhoni banned for 2 ODIs for slow over-rate in Nagpur

It will be really a setback of Team India if ban is applicable with immediate effect.

Let us Hope that ban is applicable after end of series.

Whatever happens but keep the spirit of Sports Alive.

Best Indian Cricketer

India had produced a number of great cricketers like Gavaskar, Azharuddin, Srinath, Kapil Dev, Kumble, Ganguly, Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sehwag, Dhoni and the list is endless. Since the inception of cricket in India if we wants to measure that who is best cricketers what criteria should be undertaken.


Should Kapil Dev be treated as Best cricketers because of World Cup or Sunil Gavaskar must be because of performance and records or our little master Mr. Tendulkar because of his long ongoing journey through the corridors of cricket. Sourabh Ganguly is the successful captain while Rahul Dravid (Mr. Cool) is solid batsman, Sehwag due to his good batting skills and again Mr. Dhoni have brought the T-20 world cup to India.


Please mention your best cricketer.

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Indian Cricket Team

Currently our T–20 World Cup winner team is in Australia to play against One Day International World Champions. On this tour the capability of Indian team will be tested on fast and bouncy pitches of Australia. Indian team has never win a series in Australia in its history. Although recently team India have defeated Pakistan team in One day and Test series in India and they have defeated kangaroos in T–20 World Cup. In last few years Australian team is much more a heavy weight team because of its numbers of victory against all teams of cricket world. My observation about Australians and Indian team says that Australians are mentally much more stronger in comparison to India. Till the last of game kangaroos don’t give up with giving putting their full effort with positive attitude. BCCI has much more resources than any other cricket board of world; even ICC (International Cricket Control Boards) income is less than the revenues of BCCI. BCCI must develop different types of pitches, stadiums and other infrastructural resources through out the country on one hand while fast bowlers, medium pacers, spinners, good batsman who have specialty to play different types of games. In short BCCI must develop infrastructural and manpower resources to made Indian team the World Leader in Cricket World. Also BCI must use its resources to bring hidden talent in various parts of country in front of whole world.

At last I can say that we may hope that on this tour Indian team will win the series with its all players like Sachin, Kumble, Dhoni, Yuvraj showing good and interesting game to viewers and cricket fans.

If any one of you has any ideas to make Indian team a complete winner in cricket world, please comment.

Indian Cricket


Again in the politics of BCCI one more good Captain (Mr. Cool) got bowled. In Indian Cricket history many times this has happened that due to non cooperation, less resources, and wrong internal tactics against players and Captains. Being a gentleman Dravid only said that he wants to focus on his specialty i.e batting. As per some news it has been told Dravid is not comfortable because of many of BCCI officials who do not have technical specialty for the game or even they are not former players, instruct the Dravid DO & DON’T as a captain. Many time BCCI official comment for team even without discussing it with players and Captain. Before going to media they should discuss it with Captain.

The record of Rahul Dravid as a captain is very good and following table shows this :

As a captain

As a player







Change in Avg

























Even in selection of team his voice did not get recognized and not even a full time coach after the world cup.

To improve the Indian Cricket team we should apply Australian system. We should appoint former players, coaches as a part of selection committee while in case of India it has more number of politicians, bureaucrats and others. And it is the main reason that Indian team is not the Best Team of World.

So to make the Indian Team a Best team of World BCCI should remove, corruption, politics, bureaucracy and all other issues and works with a true spirit of sports organization.

Please post your views.