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Egypt invites Tata Motors to build Nano plant - paper - Yahoo! India News

Egypt invites Tata Motors to build Nano plant - paper - Yahoo! India News

It is a matter of pride not only for TATA but for India also

but if the production is done in India it will definitely in interest of India because of employment opportunities and other benefits.

I Wish TATA Group all the best.

Nano Car

Image via Wikipedia The launch of Nano car by TATA motors is under much discussion. A hot topic of discussion. Middle class service man is eyeing on this car. The price tag of Rs.100000/- (Rs. One lakh only) is really attractive for all Indians. The daring step is initiated by Ratan Tata, the Captain of Industry and even after problems of Singur, West Bengalplant he is able to keep his promise with all Indians. Really Rattan Tata is a man of his words. So many variants of Nano will be available and booking forms are available from TATA Group of Companies. But what is the future of Nano, some of the points attached to this car is :-1. Will it help in increasing demand of cars and a weapon to break the recession period2. What about the traffic problems.3. Is it environment friendly and will not contribute to increasing pollution4. Will be successful on Indian Roads like other vehicles of TATA Motors ?5. Renovation of taxi/auto standards of general passenger(lower class)6. For how much …