Many Many Many Happy New Year to all the visitors of everymatter blog.

May all of your good wishes fulfilled in the coming year 2008 and pray to God for prosperity, wealth & success for everyone.

Let’s come together and make a resolution to create a fair and nice world in next year for our coming generations.

Year 2007

In the year 2007 many incidents happens from nuclear deal between India and USA to killing of Pakistani Ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Which is the top news according to you out of following?

  1. 123 deal (supply of nuclear technology & fuel to India by USA)
  2. Nandigram SEZ ( Forceful acquisition of land from farmers in W. Bengal)
  3. Abhishek & Aishwarya Marriage
  4. Gujarat Poll (One more victory of Narender Modi in Gujarat)
  5. Sensex crossing 20000 mark (BSE Sensex crossed the barrier of 20000 pts.)
  6. Musharraf resign from Military (Under Political & International Pressure resign of General Musharraf from Pakistani Military)
  7. 20-20 World Cup Victory for India
  8. Ram Setu Sunderam Project
  9. Nobel Prize for Global Warming (Efforts of Pachori and Algore for environment brings laurel to both of them in form of Nobel Prize.)
  10. Assassination of Ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Benzir Bhutto by terrorist in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Out of the above topics which one is most important as per you? Please comment.

Indian Cricket Team

Currently our T–20 World Cup winner team is in Australia to play against One Day International World Champions. On this tour the capability of Indian team will be tested on fast and bouncy pitches of Australia. Indian team has never win a series in Australia in its history. Although recently team India have defeated Pakistan team in One day and Test series in India and they have defeated kangaroos in T–20 World Cup. In last few years Australian team is much more a heavy weight team because of its numbers of victory against all teams of cricket world. My observation about Australians and Indian team says that Australians are mentally much more stronger in comparison to India. Till the last of game kangaroos don’t give up with giving putting their full effort with positive attitude. BCCI has much more resources than any other cricket board of world; even ICC (International Cricket Control Boards) income is less than the revenues of BCCI. BCCI must develop different types of pitches, stadiums and other infrastructural resources through out the country on one hand while fast bowlers, medium pacers, spinners, good batsman who have specialty to play different types of games. In short BCCI must develop infrastructural and manpower resources to made Indian team the World Leader in Cricket World. Also BCI must use its resources to bring hidden talent in various parts of country in front of whole world.

At last I can say that we may hope that on this tour Indian team will win the series with its all players like Sachin, Kumble, Dhoni, Yuvraj showing good and interesting game to viewers and cricket fans.

If any one of you has any ideas to make Indian team a complete winner in cricket world, please comment.


Everyday we see and face corruption in our regular life. When you deal with various govt. departments you need to pay bribe from top bureaucrats to peon means pay at every stage to get your work done. The broken roads are result of corruption and understanding between officials and contractors. Health, education, taxation, administration every department is corrupted. Corruption had set its root deeply in our whole system. The biggest victim of corruption is common men. To remove the corruption peoples must be educated so that they can raise the voice. Young, educated and honest peoples should participate in politics to improve the situation. We should also use the modern tools like Right to Information (RTI) Act, E-Governance in this fight. Although E-governance has improved a situation a little bit but it is in early stage and many improvements need to be done. About RTI Actonly few and educated peoples are aware and know how to use it. The common and poor people still not fully aware about it not enough educated to complete various paper formalities involved to take benefit of RTI. Many more methods and ways need to be search out through which RTI can be implemented in a simple and better way. All of us must speak whenever and wherever we see corruption because it is our country. Government should take the steps which empower the common and poor people of country to raise voice, take action and fight against corruption. Let us take the fight against corruption in full swing.

Please send me your ideas and views so that we can fight against corruption in better way.

My District (Bhiwani)

My District, Bhiwani District came into existence on July 22nd, 1972.Administrative city is situated between 28.19 deg. & 29.05 deg. North latitude and 75.26 deg. & 76.28 deg. East longitude having population of approx. 170000. Its main towns are Charkhi Dadri, Loharu, Bawani Khera and Tosham. District has also 442 villages and area of approx. 5000 sq. kms. District receives only 400 – 425 mm of rainfall. It is a city of temples and also known as ‘Chota Kashi’. The name of city had been mentioned in Ain-e-Akbari. Earlier the name of city was Bhani (Name of Rajput King’s Wife Bhani), which changed to Bhiyani and subsequently to Bhiwani. One of its important cities Dadri was founded by the son of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. By roads it is connected Rohtak, Delhi, Pilani, Jaipur, Hissar, Sirsa, Chandigarh. By Rail it is connected to Delhi, Mathura, Malda Town, Jaipur, Ferozpur, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Hissar.

It is the main centre of regional politics and hometown to three Chief Minister’s of Haryana namely Ch. Bansi Lal, Babu Banarasi Dass Gupta, and Sh Hukum Chand. The known freedom fighters of District are Naki Ram Sharma, Pt. UmaDutt Sharma, Pt. Ram Kumar, Seth Gokhal Chand Arya, Lala Ram Chandra vith, Lala Noon Karan ji sore wale, Dr. Diwani Chand, Lala Mela Ram Moda who took part in 1922 Bardoli Satyagraha. Mainly Peoples of this district are engaged in agriculture. Bhiwani had given so many brave soldiers to our country during the different battles and known as City of War Heroes. Young peoples of my district actively represent the Haryana at the National and International level sports. From educational point of view Bhiwani has top most textile research institute of country named The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences, established by the Birla Group besides it Board of School Education Haryana (Shikhsa Board) is also situated in the city.

Please send me more information about Bhiwani through comments.

Please send me more information regarding District Bhiwani through comments.

Online Networking Websites

In last one year I have come across so many online networking websites that has launched or we can say came into limelight. These sites not only provide you the facility to interact with others but also let you post your photos, music and videos. This is the new concept attracting every organization which is planning to do something on Internet. Orkut, facebook are some big and popular sites which are used by people of almost every country and working on international scale but now many companies are launching or promoting local or particular area based networking sites. Most commonly of them are indyarocks, ibibo, friendster. Some companies are providing sites for peoples of some particular interest. The biggest question on making a friend online is security. You don’t whether the profile posted is real or fake one. The other issue is that you are moving away from society, personal meeting & gathering and in future it would lead to sense breakup of relations, sense of insecurity etc.

I am not against the online networking but we should also maintain our personal face to face meetings.

Please post your comments regarding above.

BPO Industry

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) means an organization is giving contract to another organization for one or more of its process. In last decade BPO Industry has emerged as a new sector in India and making a very good contribution in growth of India. This sector is popular among youths because of good pay package, attractive life style, attractive work environment, transport facility etc. In International arena Indian companies are among players because proficiency in English of Indian people is a very great benefit for them. But even after so many facilities industry is facing a shortage of manpower and trying different methods to find new employees and finding it difficult to maintain existing employees. Employees work for some years in this industry and leaves because of higher education, lack of personal life & physical strains. People working in this industry also face health problem if they have not organized themselves. Employees also feel that they do not have much career growth if they continue in this sector and it is a boom which will end like the dot.com era. So many other myths also exists it the mind of peoples due to which they do not prefer to join this industry.

Please post your remarks for this industry.

Green Belt

To maintain ecological balance and environment of our planet trees and plants are very important. But whenever we need land for industries, roads, residential purpose, trees, plants are destroyed which results in environmental imbalance not only in that particular area but also the whole earth environment. When trees and plants are destroyed on large scale for human needs some area is reserved for plants, trees and greeneries which is called Green Belt. But with passage of time Green Belt gets encroached by residents, industries, hawkers etc. and moreover trees fall down, plants gets destroyed because of non-care. Whether it is NGO industries, residents, industry, individual or Govt. body, no one puts any effort to maintain greenery in Green Belt. As per my observation some Area wise survey must be carried out to find the scope of plantation in Green Belt Area so that maximum plantation can be done. Some funds must be continuously diverted or reserved for maintenance of this area. Many more steps need to be taken to maintain Green Belt.

Please mention your points to preserve Green Belt.

Primary Education in India

Primary level education in India is not structured in a right way because generally we see that students carry a very heavy bag, water bottle, sports goods etc. they have to lift too much weight. It seems that small kids are over burdened. They have to study approx. 4 - 5 hrs. in school, complete the home work and then go to tuition. Every week they need to give test and must maintain their performance. Even for going to school they have to regularly travel approx. 10 – 20 km. All this stress is affecting the development of a child. Education must be given in a manner that leads to all-round development of child for all behavior of life not only the academic development of child.

Friends if any of you have some points regarding above please mention.

Indian Movie

On last Sunday I saw a movie on DD National “Aisa Kayon Hota hai” which is based on the issue of HIV Virus and communal violence. The movie clearly presents the fear of common person of our society who doesn’t interact, accept and involve with HIV infected person. About HIV even educated peoples are not fully aware; they have some misconceptions in their mind. They think they can’t get affected by it and the reality is just opposite to that. The other point covered by movie is killing innocent people’s of particular community due to bomb blast done by terrorist and later on the feel insulted because of killings done by himself.

The message of the movie is that we must live peacefully with all communities of our society and should not hesitate to interact with HIV infected person.

Best of luck to Bollywood and hope that it will make some more movies which show the mirror to society and guide us to improve our society.

I think all of us come together to fight against these loopholes in our society.

Blogger Buzz: Blogging from YouTube

Blogger Buzz: Blogging from YouTube

Blue Line Bus

Recently I again read that blue line bus killed one more. This year death toll has reached 109 of blue line buses and delhi govt. has told the high court that it will be able to remove blue line buses from roads by 2012. it means that many more innocent lives are under threat. To control the irregularities of blue line operators, drivers, conductors and other support staff strict norms must be immediately taken. All the driver and conductor must attend regular classes or weekly classes under specific training programme. In this training programme they must taught traffic rules, importance of human life, nice dealing of passengers and much more. Except about regular checking of buses, random raids, heavy fine must be imposed whenever and wherever rules are broken. If some driver/bus repeats the errors/irregularities then the permit of the bus must be cancelled.

I think it will improve the situation, specially the training class of bus staff.

Please express your ideas how we can improve the Blue Line Bus Service.

Official Data

Whenever any wrong incidents like earthquake, flood, storm and even in case of accidents, violence, terrorism attack goes in any part of world most of the time the actual figures/stats about loss of life and assets are not published in newspaper nor told by media and official (Govt.) data always very small in comparison to the views given by the eye-witnesses. Generally official figures are 25 to 40% of actual figures. Recently in violence at Assam, India One eye –witness says that he had seen so many body lying on the streets but news published in newspaper and media mentions only few. In case of earthquake in Gujarat and Kashmir and in Tsunami figures mentioned by Govt. Departments are too low in comparison to actual. Why the correct estimates about loss of life and assets are not taken into account. Does it mean we are running from reality or we want to hide the facts from public / common people even knowing that unofficially everyone is aware about it? I am unable to find why?

If anyone of you could answer this, please comment.

Online Advertising Industry

Today we much listen about online advertising industry and everyone is setting up his/her blogs, webpages and website to earn online money through online advertising using google adsense, auctionads and other sites which provides ads for your pages. It reminds us about the .com era when everyone is running to setup a site and do something to earn money but the concept is clear to only few experts and due to lots of small and big players a downfall came in IT industry and I am feared that same thing will happen again because everyone is running towards online earning thinking that it is easy to earn money through internet now knowing the hard fact that it requires lot of knowledge, regular hardwork and consistency to work continuously.

Please express your views.

Nandigram SEZ

The Nandigram scenario shows that how powerful and rich peoples in our country play with system and damage environment, kills people with the help of criminals, corrupted politicians & bureaucrats. The attack on peoples in Nandigram, West Bengal by CPM Cadres clearly shows the interrelation between corrupted politics, bureaucracy and criminals and Why the media is silent on this issue and not bringing the clear picture in front of public. Although CRPF has been sent their but various techniques are being used to tie the hands of CRPF. We all are forgetting the point that terrorist and our enemy countries will use the scenario to work against us and disturb the internal law and order state of country.

Please post your details for the Nandigram.

Portable Mobile Number

By end of 2008 Indian Mobile Consumers have the facility to change the telecom service provider without changing their number, another very good facility for the mobile phone users of delhi, Mumbai, calcullta and madras. DoT (Department of Telecommunications) has recently announced it. However GSM operator are against this move because it will affect their profitability and CDMA players will get benefited from the same. We can hope that in coming years we have the portability between landline and mobile numbers also.

Please share your news with me.

Indian Super Computer

On 13th November TATA Group Supercomputer named EKA becomes the fourth rank fastest supercomputer in the world and fastest in Asia. It achieved the speed of 117.9 Teraflop or trillions of calculations per second. This achievement created another milestone in history of Indian Science & Technology. India first super computer PARAM is the first super computer built by C-DAC when United States denied a Cray supercomputer in 1987 because it feared that India could use for missile and nuclear development programme. Supercomputers are typically used for highly calculation problem solving in quantum mechanical physics, molecular modeling, weather forecasting and climate research, and physical simulation including that of nuclear tests. Indian engineers and mathematicians are already well known in the world. Whole World is familiar with Indian IT power. So now we can say that in the coming decades India will be a super computing nation.

Best of luck to my Nation.

Road Construction in India

Road Construction

Every year a thousand crores of rupees are spent on construction of roads by our government to increase connectivity between villages, cities and states. Most of the roads break down in a short span of time because of many reasons. The most important point is poor quality material and not following the proper methods laid down for making roads. Rain & sewage water disposal system is not designed or not constructed as per the requirement. When water lodged on roads, it breakdowns even if the best quality material is used to make the road. The road mafia takes benefit of these points and did not allow the system to implement the solution for same because this road mafia have roped its roots deep inside our whole system. To save public money and improve roads condition the following should be kept in mind before constructing any road. First of all the water disposal system must be constructed so that water do not get lodged on any part of the road as it will improve the life of the road and the strict measures need to be taken that good quality material and proper method of construction is used to build the roads.

Send me your ideas and methods which must be used to increase roads life.

Sewage Disposal System

In most of the Indian small and big cities the sewage disposal is becoming a big problem by every passing day because of growing population in cities. More and more peoples are coming to these cities in search of employment. Whenever any government agency develops future master plans for any city, the population grows more than estimated and all this unbalance the complete system. It is not only the duty of government to solve this problem but common man living in this city need to change his life style. He need to more disciplined and organized. Although the Indian citizens have changed in last few decades but too much need to be done. We need to learn new methods of living which use less environmental resources. Most important point is that we should invent the methods and technology with the help of which we can reuse solid and liquid waste. It will be friendly for our environment also.

Stress on Women’s

In this modern era when life is not fast but very fast the working women’s life have become too much stressed. They do not have to perform not only at the office but also at the home while completing their personal responsibility towards family. Although technology has helped but they need to be more organized while using technology. They wake up early in the morning, do cleaning of house and cook food for children’s and husband and other family members and run to office in hurry. In office also they have to meet the performance standard of the organization and compete with others professionals. At the end of day when they return home they do not get time to relax because they need to take care of children studies, washing of clothes, and of-course food for everyone and in case her husband is stressed she need to share the same with him. All these factors are probably reducing the life (age) of a common working women, if you are agree to my point please post your ideas to improve the situation.

Emergency in Pakistan

On 3rd November 2007 Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency because of Islamic Militance and Interference of Judiciary Interference. He also removed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary from his post. Since the time of Pakistan Independence from British rulers power has gone in to hands of military many times. Recently Pakistan has seen return of Ex-Prime Minister Benzir Bhutto and failed exercise of return by Ex-Pm Nawaz Sharif. International community which is hopeful that Pakistan will stable democracy got a huge setback. But if we look at the past few years image of Pakistan in international arena especially Western Media, it has improved during the time of Pervez Musharraf and the peace process with India has also improved many folds but imposing emergency will totally demolished Pakistan and President Pervez Musharraf impression and image. The step of emergency may also affect Peace Process. United States of America (USA) has also said that it will review the financial assistance being provided to Pakistan under emergency conditions.

The only right point which is in favour of Mr. Musharraf is fight with Islamic Terrorism and Co-operation to international community against terrorism. Despite his exercise to save the Pakistan from becoming another Afghanistan he should restore democracy through a fair election system under view of international auditors on priority basis. If he can win the election through fair process then he will be leader of common Pakistani people.

Please post your views and comments on above.

Online Earning

I go through lot of article, website, links, advertisement claiming about click to pay, easy online earning, make millions on internet, earn through online surveys etc. Some of them ask for registration fees while some collects your personal and others details and you can not be sure whether you will definitely get something after giving your time and effort to them. Because most of these sites are fraud and due to that we lost our faith for true players who exist in this market. Recently I have received a cheque of $10 from American Consumer Opinion for completing a survey offered by them. If you are really interested to earn through internet, then you need to put your all efforts, talent, skills and time for the same. You could not be millionaire in a day, to be a successful person in your life you need to work hard on regular basis with complete effort. To earn online make a website and connect it to advertisement sites like google adsense which pay you for displaying advertisement on your site and you must have good number of regular visitors on your site so that u can earn something.

If you some more methods to earn online please send me your ideas.

Politics in Cricket

The drop of Rahul Dravid name from Indian Squad for the first two cricket ODIs against Pakistan shows that our sportsman not only has to play sport but also to play politics with their officers, selectors and their colleagues. We can also say that it is the starting point for retire of Big Players but that should have been done in true way not through politics. If we refresh the resignation of Rahul Dravid from Indian captaincy, that has been done in same manner and it is also because of bad politics inside the Cricket. All this politics is happening because of fame and money attached with cricket but it is not a good sign from sports point of view. Instead of dropping him he must be given the option of playing in Challenger series and may have been given rest for few matches. Against all these he had been directly dropped from Indian team without solid reason. Let’s come together to remove politics from sports so send me your views, comments and ideas to fight against bad politics in our favorite game i.e. cricket.

Blue Line Bus Service


So many news are present in media & newspapers regarding blue-line bus services of Delhi from last few fortnights, telling about the mistakes of done by the blue line buses. Drivers, conductor and other staff of blueline buses are not trained and because of these we listen everyday that blueline bus hit, injured or killed someone. Staff of blueline service behaves very rudely with passengers and even do not regard ladies passengers. Delhi High court has ordered the government to submit ownership details of buses and how much of them belong to politicians, policemen and their relatives. But personally I feel that most of the blueline bus owners will use the loopholes of system to protect themselves. To control the mistakes and improve the city transportation service is not only the duty of government or courts but every common people should come forward and put his effort for the same. The only thing which satisfies us is that we have started moving on the path of improvement.

Please post your ideas to change, improve the transportation system of city.

BSE Sensex

BSE Sensex

BSE Sensex (Bombay Stock Exchange sensitive Index) is one of the attractive options for investor where investor earn and loss heavily. It is the indicator of economy as its has made up of stocks of different sector companies. BSE Sensex has started from 100 point in 1979 and crossed 19000 marks recently. During its history, sensex has crossed many benchmarks but from 4000 point to 5000 points it has taken maximum time (approx. seven years) because of Harshad Mehta scam (a black name in sensex history). On an average sensex gives 9 per-cent returns.

Please post your views, ideas and remarks for above.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To make your website friendlier for search engines like google, yahoo, msn and to list your website in top ranks for Search results, it is called Search Engine Optimization. With the help of Search Engine Optimization you can naturally drive/lead traffic to your website and it is one of the best cost effective methods. In today IT World SEO is a hot tool for online marketing of your product/information/organisation. Search Engine optimization is done through using best keywords, selection of content, internal and external links and meta tags and the most important thing is CONTENT . CONTENT IS THE KING. Exact ways used by search engine companies are secret and not known but lot of knowledge, observation and opinions are available worldwide in this field. If you are not familiar with SEO and not using it in right way then very low number of visitors will be their for your website even if it is a best website. SEO and Website creation goes parallel. To optimize a already built website is somewhat cumbersome and impractical. Investment on SEO investment gives high returns. SEO implementation should be done carefully as use unethical methods will lead to ban of your website. SEO job should be done very carefully.

So make your site as per SEO.

Please submit your comment.

Blogger Buzz: Blogging for the Environment

Blogger Buzz: Blogging for the Environment



Every human being on this planet is attached to some super power in form of spiritualism. In India spiritualism is very big industry & in past decade it has seen tremendous growth and changes. According to some estimates this industry is of 2000 crores. The hub of this industry is religious places like Haridwar, Mathura, Vrindavan etc. Religious leaders and trusts are using the modern technological resources in a very good way to spread their messages to everyone. They organize camps, distribute VCD, Books, medicines, periodicals, etc. Promotions are done through satsangs and live shows on various TV channels. The main advantage available to this industry is most of the income is tax free and pilgrims are hungry to pay/donate.

It is also a very source of income for many peoples and they are fully dependent on it for living their life.

Is all this true and good for us, please post your views.


Environment of our planet is loosing its strength by every passing day since last few decades because of rapid increase in industrialization without following pollution norms, cutting of trees on large scale without re-plantation, increasing population and desire of human beings to do something new without thinking about its impact on environment. Due to above mentioned reasons pollution spreads in various form like air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, land pollution, etc. Pollution had crossed all its limit and increasing at a very very high speed with every passing day which in turn creating issues like global warming, climate change etc. now all developed and developing nations of our world are concerned about environmental issues and United Nations celebrates 5th June as Environment Day all over the world and promotes ways and methods to save our environment. Every individual not only speak about it but apply the rules in his/her regular routine.

Please post your ideas to deal with environmental issues.


On scale of corruption India’s rank is 72nd in the world as per the report of Transparency International India a Berlin based non profit organization. Corruption is directly linked with poverty and mis-governance. A survey shows that more than 75% of respondents in the National Capital Region do not have faith in the government. Every where we go found corruption whether it is railway reservation, allotment of land, filing of taxes, etc. From top to bottom corruption exist everywhere. Politicians, bureaucrats find new ways to fill up their pocket by misuse of public assets. To remove corruption we should made systematic reforms in governance and remove some bad traditional points like presenting gifts. We need to change our election system, so that fair politics can help to improve India. Recently some big & fair decisions had helped India to reduce corruption like declaration of assets by candidates before filing for nomination. Right To Information Act have a powerful tool to fight against corruption. E-Governance could be another useful path to follow. Let’s come together and put our whole hearted efforts to remove corruption from our country.

Please mention all other methods which should be adopted by everyone of us in our regular life to remove corruption from our society.

Post your comments.



Indian army, the second largest army (with 1.13 million soldiers and officer) in the world after china is facing problem of STRESS among its officers and soldiers. Many of its officers and soldiers are committing suicide or they attack their colleagues and seniors. In such incidents army lost twice the number of soldiers compared to dies in action /battle field.

Soldiers are stressed because of relentless counter-insurgency operations, posting in far flung areas of J&K, North East on bayonet edge. They have to fight with heavily armed militants and don’t get proper sleep/rest followed by lack basic amenities, poor accommodation facilities and very little salary. They also feel helpless to solve their problems faced by their due to their posting at far-flung areas. Seniors themselves takes the leave, enjoy good facilities and other benefits while soldiers are even not getting a part of it.

Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) study says denial of leave, humiliation and harassment by seniors, absence of leaders. Currently Army is facing leadership crisis at middle level because an average middle Indian gets the double starting salary compared to the salary of Army personnels.

To overcome the stress problem DIFR recommended that the psychologist to soldier ratio should be at least 1 : 1000 and as a long term step separate cadre of psychologists should be created in army.

As of now soldiers are allowed to frequency call their families regularly and list of Do’s and Don’ts to also handle psychological problems.

Company commanders had also been given manual which will help them to identify soldiers who are stressed.

Army says that it is a “testing time” for the force and it will pass because foundations are strong.

Honor To Sports Team

Honor To Sports Team

For Indian Cricket Team the T-20 World Cup Win has came after 24 years, a glorious moment for whole country. Chak De (the film with hockey team) is the theme song for victory but still we forgotten our National Game “HOCKEY” and our Hockey team who won the ASIA Cup and did not got any respect, award shows that only marketing works because only Indian Cricket Team got much recognition from Media, Society and various State Governments (
Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Karnataka) as well as Central Government. I truly support the comments of Hockey team when the call “step motherly treatment” from society and government for them. The only exception for Indian Hockey team is congratulation letter from President Kalam on their victory. They have been promised some minor rewards after their protest but it is not the right way to honor. Aslam Sher Khan, the Former Indian Hockey Captain says even British Ruler valued their game. Our hockey team and anyone of us is not against the victory of T-20 World Cup but why to ignore our National Game Hockey. National chief coach Joaquim Carvalho comments for State Governments and industry (SAHARA Group, sponsor of Cricket and Hockey team) is very true. And for all this Media is also responsible because they did not highlighted the victory of Asia Cup. If this will continue it will be major setback for our future sports-persons.

Please express your views and comments.


Much time we read and listen about the changes in our environment due to Global Warming which is increasing everyday and now it is a very big problem not for any particular company but for whole World. One international poll finds that climate change is a pressing problem. Even UN Secretary General told the world leaders of 150 nations on 24th September that now the doubt stage for Global Warming is passed and we have clear scientific details about the severity of problem and we have to act fast to save our planet. In 62nd General Assembly session the climate change is central theme. It is the emergency for whole of our planet that is in front of all human civilization. All the countries on this planet should take immediate and serious actions to solve this problem which is the biggest threat to humanization.

Please post your ideas, steps required to solve this problem.



Since the time internet invented we had traveled a long way. In starting it has been developed for Defense, then for education and slowly its public use also started, the major revolution is free internet e-mail service followed by dot com boom, e-commerce and search engine facility. The concept of social networking, sharing of photos & videos online, publishing of your views in the form of blogging is the new mantra of Internet. We could also see any part of world with the help of online map facility. Peoples ask friends and expert online about your problems and also giving their opinions to others. Now many peoples do their day to day activity with the help of internet like connecting themselves with friend, colleagues and others with the help of IM (Internet Messenger), sending emails, sharing of data, online-banking, etc.

Many other new concepts are under Research and some are in pipeline to be introduced.

In short we can say that Internet have not only made impact on our daily life but changed in a terrific way.

Please post your comments.



Indian mobile users crossed the figure of 200 million mark in August. More than 8 million wireless subscribers are added in august according to the release by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and this target has been achieved by India four months ahead of its deadline. Among the wireless operators Bharti Airtel added 2.05 million followed by Vodafone Essar added 1.67 million subscribers. TRAI says that the 201.29 mobile subscribers are their in August in India. It is estimated that very soon the country will reach 250 million mark.

Do you think it is good for having more mobiles than landline which still has lowest tariff?

Please post your views on above.

Indo-US N-deal

Indo-US N-Deal

In last few months too much of events happened with regard to this 123 deal especially because of resistance by LEFT parties. LEFT parties wants that deal should be cancelled but they themselves are not united over this issue. Many of its leaders think that India could not survive without N-Power as it is the source of energy in future decades. But some points like relation of deal with Hyde Act and other US domestic laws, cost of nuclear plants, equipment and others.

Government have given a note to the Left parties telling them that India’s nuclear agreement is better than the agreement between China & US, Japan & US. Now the government has started discussion with IAEA which is very good on part of India because of positive signals given by IAEA.

Please post your comments & idea regarding same.

Indian Cricket


Again in the politics of BCCI one more good Captain (Mr. Cool) got bowled. In Indian Cricket history many times this has happened that due to non cooperation, less resources, and wrong internal tactics against players and Captains. Being a gentleman Dravid only said that he wants to focus on his specialty i.e batting. As per some news it has been told Dravid is not comfortable because of many of BCCI officials who do not have technical specialty for the game or even they are not former players, instruct the Dravid DO & DON’T as a captain. Many time BCCI official comment for team even without discussing it with players and Captain. Before going to media they should discuss it with Captain.

The record of Rahul Dravid as a captain is very good and following table shows this :

As a captain

As a player







Change in Avg

























Even in selection of team his voice did not get recognized and not even a full time coach after the world cup.

To improve the Indian Cricket team we should apply Australian system. We should appoint former players, coaches as a part of selection committee while in case of India it has more number of politicians, bureaucrats and others. And it is the main reason that Indian team is not the Best Team of World.

So to make the Indian Team a Best team of World BCCI should remove, corruption, politics, bureaucracy and all other issues and works with a true spirit of sports organization.

Please post your views.

Ram Setu

From last few days there is so many things has happened over Ram Setu Project. The Congress government is saying that there is no Ram or Ramayana and Ram Setu is not a man made structure. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) also submitted the same report and said that it is a natural formation. Somewhere it shows that Congress party is working to develop or maintain particular class of vote bank. Even before submitting the affidavit the government even did not think about that it will hurt the Hindu sentiments and in view of terrorism, government should not take this step.

A little violence step by TERRORIST could create a law & order problem in country.
Even if we go through scientific facts in a professional manner then many environmentalist object over this project as this setu (natural formation) saves us from Sunami. And all of we knows how much we have suffered from Sunami. A major earthquake hits the INDONESIA and in view of the above Indian Home Ministry issued advised Andaman and Nicobar Islands administration to monitor the situation. A TSUNAMI alert was issued on Wednesday to Andaman and Nicobar islands and withdrawn after 3 hrs.
If the construction of canal is important then we should look the alternative ways by which the project could be completed.

All of these events show that we should not play with the nature in a rude manner otherwise it will be harmful for ourselves only.

Please send me your views.


What do we mean by terrorism? As soon as this word passes through our mind a synonym of the same flash in our eyes. (Osama Bin Laden/Al-Qaida). I think terrorism is nothing but only a fight between two different views and the community who has less support do some violence and try to popularize them and earn support and the other community calls them terrorist. Now a days these terrorist have formed big organization and they are not only using violence as a tool but taking benefit of some social issues like religion, poverty, unemployment etc. Even they spent lot of funds to hire professional to work for them. They give rewards to the person who die for them and tell the followers that their persons are sacrificing their live for a good motive. Terrorist organization setup different groups in various territories and manage their finances with a combination of modern and traditional methods. Many Governments all over world is trying to nab them but to fight with them they need a strong co-operation between them which is still lacking and the second one is taking full benefit of it. Because of the fights between these two groups world is losing its peacefulness. If every person leaves his/her ego and works towards making this world a better place to live.

Suggest your methods for bringing both communities on one platform to solve their conflicts and make this world more prosperous.

Web Marketing

Web marketing is increasingly making its way in our day to day life. It affects every common people regular life. On net we can do marketing by adopting various method and techniques. Some of them are email marketing, affiliate marketing and many other methods also exist the best way to earn online advertising is through Google Adsense which have revolutionized the way of online advertising. We could promote our product and services with the help of marketing in a very cost effective manner and it is more fruitful in comparison to traditional when it comes to the peoples related to Information Technology. Though the web marketing concept has not reached its heights but still covered many miles. I Hope that it will completely take over traditional marketing.

Send me your comments regarding above.

Movements in Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif landing in Pakistan and then flying for Jeddaah is looking like a drama. It seems that his all efforts to lead movements against Pakistan Military ruler Pervez Musharraf have gone waste. It may possible that in the near future it will be fruitful for him but Mr. Nawaz and Mrs. Bhutto share a common platform to fight against militarism and increase co-operation then it will be possible for them to out General Pervez Musharraf. It looks that currently all the power is in the hand of President Pervez Musharraf and he is taking benefit of clash between Mr. Nawaz and Mrs. Bhutto.

Please write your comments.

Indian Economy

India is a fast expanding economy of Asia on the path of becoming Super-Power with its vast young force. Indians are targeting to become Super-Power by 2020. Various sectors of economy are rapidly growing whether it is IT, Retail Shopping, FMCG, or Banking. Indian business houses are rubbing their shoulders with international players and even having upper hand in comparison to them. But to achieve success India must expedite socio-economic reforms and increase agricultural growth through diversification and development of agro processing. Major rural population is still not getting proper health facilities. There are number of issues where India needs to look on but frankly speaking everything can’t be cured and Indian economy will definitely achieve the top rank in world.

Indian Hockey Team

Indian hockey team gets one more victory against South Korea in the final of Asia Cup tournament in Chennai on Sunday. Previously they had also win Nehru Cup. This victory of Indian Team indicates that the golden time of Indian hockey may have come back and Major Dhayan Chand names flashes through our mind. We all can hope that Indian team will win the next Hockey World Cup.

Blogosphere expansions

In a recent article at a news sites I found that Blogosphere expands 100-fold in three years. 50 million blogs - online multi-media journals - were tracked on the Internet last month. According to a new study published online it has found that English languages sites have 39% jumps with Japanese stand at 31%. Although some of these are spam who passed through the search engine’s filters. If the same speed continues then how many blogs will exist in next decade is hard to predict and as we know that every thing in this world have some good and some bad points so the same thing will happens with blogs. Out of millions of blogs some will come to end as happens in the case of .com era.

It will be very difficult for us to search for useful blogs and we all knows that every human being is having short of time as the world is becoming fast and fast but the positive point is tolls which helps to find relevant information. But I firmly believes that the players having patience for long term will pass all the booms and downs and achieve success.

Please express your views on same.

Malabar Exercise

Dear Friend

In last two-three years Indian Security Forces have various military, air and naval exercises with forces of various countries. Does it indicates that it will lead India to become a part of some group like NATO or something like that because of a fear of growing concerns in Asia. On the other hand we should also see that Asian countries are developing very fast.

Please express your views.


India Cricket Team

Yesterday Indian Cricket team win the One Day International against England in a very struggling manner. The match is full of various ups and downs for both the teams. Mr. Cool must be happy over the same and team must be having high morals for next match. Now both the team have the situation of Do or Die in last but not least. Only bad thing is injury to Sachin Tendulkar thigh and he again missed his century but given a solid base to India in starting partnership with Sourav Ganguly.

I hope that the next match will be full of excitement for both teams and peoples who love to watch this game.

Rawalpindi Bomb Blast

Is Bomb Blast in Rawalpindi killing many innocent peoples (mostly defence person) is done by terrorist in reply of Lal Masjid event. Does it indicates that Terrorism in Pakistan is going much beyond its limits and now the time came when again the democracy will come back to Pakistan or the power will goes in the hands of terrorists.

It may be possible that Military Administration will be able to control terrorism and lead the Pakistan on path of Development.


Dear friends

Do you think that degrees to the students of AIIMS must have been issued early and political, red- tapism, bureaucratic hurdles should be removed from the path of brightest students of our country. Why every problem of these types solved only when they become public/came to media or goes to Courts.

I think our system needs a lot of improvements. Corruption and Individuals Ego must not be a obstacle in path of betterment of society.


I think Indian hockey team is doing very good these days and if you think this is the effect of Chak De India + SRK then why they didn't celebrate it together. And I hope that if this trend will continue the Indian Team will definately win World Cup. Please express your views regarding same.


Indian Cricket Team is working good without regular coach. Please send me ur views.