What do we mean by terrorism? As soon as this word passes through our mind a synonym of the same flash in our eyes. (Osama Bin Laden/Al-Qaida). I think terrorism is nothing but only a fight between two different views and the community who has less support do some violence and try to popularize them and earn support and the other community calls them terrorist. Now a days these terrorist have formed big organization and they are not only using violence as a tool but taking benefit of some social issues like religion, poverty, unemployment etc. Even they spent lot of funds to hire professional to work for them. They give rewards to the person who die for them and tell the followers that their persons are sacrificing their live for a good motive. Terrorist organization setup different groups in various territories and manage their finances with a combination of modern and traditional methods. Many Governments all over world is trying to nab them but to fight with them they need a strong co-operation between them which is still lacking and the second one is taking full benefit of it. Because of the fights between these two groups world is losing its peacefulness. If every person leaves his/her ego and works towards making this world a better place to live.

Suggest your methods for bringing both communities on one platform to solve their conflicts and make this world more prosperous.