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More than 90% of the asset and wealth of the world today is under the control of less than 1% percent peoples who are ultra-rich / rich and control politics, society, bureaucracy, system and everything according to their own convenience. These ultra-rich peoples exploit the 90% population of the world which is clearly injustice. Our society and country has become imbalanced society and the difference between rich and poor is increasing every day. Rich is becoming richer while poor and hard-working peoples are becoming poorer. Poor peoples are not getting enough resources to fulfill their basic minimum requirement on one side while when we see other side of the coin the rich peoples not only misuse the resources but exploit the poor peoples through use of their wealth and power. These rich peoples becomes political leaders, employer, entrepreneurs, big businessman or powerful person of the society in one or the other way and gains more and more asset and wealth with every passing day. Then these ultra-rich peoples give a very small bite in the form of help, donation to poor and gains sympathy and even take benefits through the use of help/donations, it is trick of these peoples to gain more.

The system of society fails to control this gap because makers of these rules and regulations are rich peoples themselves, they leaves loopholes/ways to save their wealth. These rich and powerful peoples use their tools, loopholes, network to save themselves. But what is the solution to bring equality among all. How everyone will get justice. Is SOCIALISM solution to the problem of above RICH AND POOR problem or the CAPITALISM is the way to above. As per my thinking all countries in the present world is facing the problem of RICH AND POOR and no economic system is strong enough to solve the system so I will say that in every 30 years economic system must be changed and policy made to plug the loopholes in the system and make the poor part of the system making team. When SYSTEM CHANGES, SOCIETY CHANGES. When our world and society able to fill the gap between rich and poor, where everyone is equal than the true meaning of Humanity is achieved. 


On scale of corruption India’s rank is 72nd in the world as per the report of Transparency International India a Berlin based non profit organization. Corruption is directly linked with poverty and mis-governance. A survey shows that more than 75% of respondents in the National Capital Region do not have faith in the government. Every where we go found corruption whether it is railway reservation, allotment of land, filing of taxes, etc. From top to bottom corruption exist everywhere. Politicians, bureaucrats find new ways to fill up their pocket by misuse of public assets. To remove corruption we should made systematic reforms in governance and remove some bad traditional points like presenting gifts. We need to change our election system, so that fair politics can help to improve India. Recently some big & fair decisions had helped India to reduce corruption like declaration of assets by candidates before filing for nomination. Right To Information Act have a powerful tool to fight against corruption. E-Governance could be another useful path to follow. Let’s come together and put our whole hearted efforts to remove corruption from our country.

Please mention all other methods which should be adopted by everyone of us in our regular life to remove corruption from our society.

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