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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To make your website friendlier for search engines like google, yahoo, msn and to list your website in top ranks for Search results, it is called Search Engine Optimization. With the help of Search Engine Optimization you can naturally drive/lead traffic to your website and it is one of the best cost effective methods. In today IT World SEO is a hot tool for online marketing of your product/information/organisation. Search Engine optimization is done through using best keywords, selection of content, internal and external links and meta tags and the most important thing is CONTENT . CONTENT IS THE KING. Exact ways used by search engine companies are secret and not known but lot of knowledge, observation and opinions are available worldwide in this field. If you are not familiar with SEO and not using it in right way then very low number of visitors will be their for your website even if it is a best website. SEO and Website creation goes parallel. To optimize a already built website i…