Official Data

Whenever any wrong incidents like earthquake, flood, storm and even in case of accidents, violence, terrorism attack goes in any part of world most of the time the actual figures/stats about loss of life and assets are not published in newspaper nor told by media and official (Govt.) data always very small in comparison to the views given by the eye-witnesses. Generally official figures are 25 to 40% of actual figures. Recently in violence at Assam, India One eye –witness says that he had seen so many body lying on the streets but news published in newspaper and media mentions only few. In case of earthquake in Gujarat and Kashmir and in Tsunami figures mentioned by Govt. Departments are too low in comparison to actual. Why the correct estimates about loss of life and assets are not taken into account. Does it mean we are running from reality or we want to hide the facts from public / common people even knowing that unofficially everyone is aware about it? I am unable to find why?

If anyone of you could answer this, please comment.