Online Networking Websites

In last one year I have come across so many online networking websites that has launched or we can say came into limelight. These sites not only provide you the facility to interact with others but also let you post your photos, music and videos. This is the new concept attracting every organization which is planning to do something on Internet. Orkut, facebook are some big and popular sites which are used by people of almost every country and working on international scale but now many companies are launching or promoting local or particular area based networking sites. Most commonly of them are indyarocks, ibibo, friendster. Some companies are providing sites for peoples of some particular interest. The biggest question on making a friend online is security. You don’t whether the profile posted is real or fake one. The other issue is that you are moving away from society, personal meeting & gathering and in future it would lead to sense breakup of relations, sense of insecurity etc.

I am not against the online networking but we should also maintain our personal face to face meetings.

Please post your comments regarding above.

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