Since the time internet invented we had traveled a long way. In starting it has been developed for Defense, then for education and slowly its public use also started, the major revolution is free internet e-mail service followed by dot com boom, e-commerce and search engine facility. The concept of social networking, sharing of photos & videos online, publishing of your views in the form of blogging is the new mantra of Internet. We could also see any part of world with the help of online map facility. Peoples ask friends and expert online about your problems and also giving their opinions to others. Now many peoples do their day to day activity with the help of internet like connecting themselves with friend, colleagues and others with the help of IM (Internet Messenger), sending emails, sharing of data, online-banking, etc.

Many other new concepts are under Research and some are in pipeline to be introduced.

In short we can say that Internet have not only made impact on our daily life but changed in a terrific way.

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