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Advertisement On TV Shows

From last few months I have seen many music, game and other competition shows on TV like Wheel Smart Shrimat, Airtel Desh ki Awaaz, Close-Up Music, Musti, Musti or Dhoom etc on DD National. One common object in all these programs is that they are associated with some Brand/Product/Company. A good prize in form of money/gift is also given to winners from sponsors. Now the viewers participation has been launched in form of viting through SMS or phone which increases program popularity tremendously. Actually companies are doing advertisement & marketing of their products with the help of these TV shows and it is very much successful also. Although it requires good amount of investment but it is worth because TV shows have entry into everyone's home. Advertising of product reaches to every home.With this concept viewers aware got increased about product and participants get chance to appear on TV plus gift to the winners so benefit to everyone concerned.

Online Advertising Industry

Today we much listen about online advertising industry and everyone is setting up his/her blogs, webpages and website to earn online money through online advertising using google adsense, auctionads and other sites which provides ads for your pages. It reminds us about the .com era when everyone is running to setup a site and do something to earn money but the concept is clear to only few experts and due to lots of small and big players a downfall came in IT industry and I am feared that same thing will happen again because everyone is running towards online earning thinking that it is easy to earn money through internet now knowing the hard fact that it requires lot of knowledge, regular hardwork and consistency to work continuously. Please express your views.