Blue Line Bus Service


So many news are present in media & newspapers regarding blue-line bus services of Delhi from last few fortnights, telling about the mistakes of done by the blue line buses. Drivers, conductor and other staff of blueline buses are not trained and because of these we listen everyday that blueline bus hit, injured or killed someone. Staff of blueline service behaves very rudely with passengers and even do not regard ladies passengers. Delhi High court has ordered the government to submit ownership details of buses and how much of them belong to politicians, policemen and their relatives. But personally I feel that most of the blueline bus owners will use the loopholes of system to protect themselves. To control the mistakes and improve the city transportation service is not only the duty of government or courts but every common people should come forward and put his effort for the same. The only thing which satisfies us is that we have started moving on the path of improvement.

Please post your ideas to change, improve the transportation system of city.