Politics in Cricket

The drop of Rahul Dravid name from Indian Squad for the first two cricket ODIs against Pakistan shows that our sportsman not only has to play sport but also to play politics with their officers, selectors and their colleagues. We can also say that it is the starting point for retire of Big Players but that should have been done in true way not through politics. If we refresh the resignation of Rahul Dravid from Indian captaincy, that has been done in same manner and it is also because of bad politics inside the Cricket. All this politics is happening because of fame and money attached with cricket but it is not a good sign from sports point of view. Instead of dropping him he must be given the option of playing in Challenger series and may have been given rest for few matches. Against all these he had been directly dropped from Indian team without solid reason. Let’s come together to remove politics from sports so send me your views, comments and ideas to fight against bad politics in our favorite game i.e. cricket.