Every human being on this planet is attached to some super power in form of spiritualism. In India spiritualism is very big industry & in past decade it has seen tremendous growth and changes. According to some estimates this industry is of 2000 crores. The hub of this industry is religious places like Haridwar, Mathura, Vrindavan etc. Religious leaders and trusts are using the modern technological resources in a very good way to spread their messages to everyone. They organize camps, distribute VCD, Books, medicines, periodicals, etc. Promotions are done through satsangs and live shows on various TV channels. The main advantage available to this industry is most of the income is tax free and pilgrims are hungry to pay/donate.

It is also a very source of income for many peoples and they are fully dependent on it for living their life.

Is all this true and good for us, please post your views.