Blue Line Bus

Recently I again read that blue line bus killed one more. This year death toll has reached 109 of blue line buses and delhi govt. has told the high court that it will be able to remove blue line buses from roads by 2012. it means that many more innocent lives are under threat. To control the irregularities of blue line operators, drivers, conductors and other support staff strict norms must be immediately taken. All the driver and conductor must attend regular classes or weekly classes under specific training programme. In this training programme they must taught traffic rules, importance of human life, nice dealing of passengers and much more. Except about regular checking of buses, random raids, heavy fine must be imposed whenever and wherever rules are broken. If some driver/bus repeats the errors/irregularities then the permit of the bus must be cancelled.

I think it will improve the situation, specially the training class of bus staff.

Please express your ideas how we can improve the Blue Line Bus Service.

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