Indian Movie

On last Sunday I saw a movie on DD National “Aisa Kayon Hota hai” which is based on the issue of HIV Virus and communal violence. The movie clearly presents the fear of common person of our society who doesn’t interact, accept and involve with HIV infected person. About HIV even educated peoples are not fully aware; they have some misconceptions in their mind. They think they can’t get affected by it and the reality is just opposite to that. The other point covered by movie is killing innocent people’s of particular community due to bomb blast done by terrorist and later on the feel insulted because of killings done by himself.

The message of the movie is that we must live peacefully with all communities of our society and should not hesitate to interact with HIV infected person.

Best of luck to Bollywood and hope that it will make some more movies which show the mirror to society and guide us to improve our society.

I think all of us come together to fight against these loopholes in our society.

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