Ram Setu

From last few days there is so many things has happened over Ram Setu Project. The Congress government is saying that there is no Ram or Ramayana and Ram Setu is not a man made structure. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) also submitted the same report and said that it is a natural formation. Somewhere it shows that Congress party is working to develop or maintain particular class of vote bank. Even before submitting the affidavit the government even did not think about that it will hurt the Hindu sentiments and in view of terrorism, government should not take this step.

A little violence step by TERRORIST could create a law & order problem in country.
Even if we go through scientific facts in a professional manner then many environmentalist object over this project as this setu (natural formation) saves us from Sunami. And all of we knows how much we have suffered from Sunami. A major earthquake hits the INDONESIA and in view of the above Indian Home Ministry issued advised Andaman and Nicobar Islands administration to monitor the situation. A TSUNAMI alert was issued on Wednesday to Andaman and Nicobar islands and withdrawn after 3 hrs.
If the construction of canal is important then we should look the alternative ways by which the project could be completed.

All of these events show that we should not play with the nature in a rude manner otherwise it will be harmful for ourselves only.

Please send me your views.