BPO Industry

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) means an organization is giving contract to another organization for one or more of its process. In last decade BPO Industry has emerged as a new sector in India and making a very good contribution in growth of India. This sector is popular among youths because of good pay package, attractive life style, attractive work environment, transport facility etc. In International arena Indian companies are among players because proficiency in English of Indian people is a very great benefit for them. But even after so many facilities industry is facing a shortage of manpower and trying different methods to find new employees and finding it difficult to maintain existing employees. Employees work for some years in this industry and leaves because of higher education, lack of personal life & physical strains. People working in this industry also face health problem if they have not organized themselves. Employees also feel that they do not have much career growth if they continue in this sector and it is a boom which will end like the dot.com era. So many other myths also exists it the mind of peoples due to which they do not prefer to join this industry.

Please post your remarks for this industry.

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