Blogosphere expansions

In a recent article at a news sites I found that Blogosphere expands 100-fold in three years. 50 million blogs - online multi-media journals - were tracked on the Internet last month. According to a new study published online it has found that English languages sites have 39% jumps with Japanese stand at 31%. Although some of these are spam who passed through the search engine’s filters. If the same speed continues then how many blogs will exist in next decade is hard to predict and as we know that every thing in this world have some good and some bad points so the same thing will happens with blogs. Out of millions of blogs some will come to end as happens in the case of .com era.

It will be very difficult for us to search for useful blogs and we all knows that every human being is having short of time as the world is becoming fast and fast but the positive point is tolls which helps to find relevant information. But I firmly believes that the players having patience for long term will pass all the booms and downs and achieve success.

Please express your views on same.