Everyday we see and face corruption in our regular life. When you deal with various govt. departments you need to pay bribe from top bureaucrats to peon means pay at every stage to get your work done. The broken roads are result of corruption and understanding between officials and contractors. Health, education, taxation, administration every department is corrupted. Corruption had set its root deeply in our whole system. The biggest victim of corruption is common men. To remove the corruption peoples must be educated so that they can raise the voice. Young, educated and honest peoples should participate in politics to improve the situation. We should also use the modern tools like Right to Information (RTI) Act, E-Governance in this fight. Although E-governance has improved a situation a little bit but it is in early stage and many improvements need to be done. About RTI Actonly few and educated peoples are aware and know how to use it. The common and poor people still not fully aware about it not enough educated to complete various paper formalities involved to take benefit of RTI. Many more methods and ways need to be search out through which RTI can be implemented in a simple and better way. All of us must speak whenever and wherever we see corruption because it is our country. Government should take the steps which empower the common and poor people of country to raise voice, take action and fight against corruption. Let us take the fight against corruption in full swing.

Please send me your ideas and views so that we can fight against corruption in better way.

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