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Indian Hockey Team

Indian Men's Hockey team do the strike and did not attended the National Camp and Indian Women's Hockey team also weared black bandage on their arms during practice at camps and the both the activities are highlighted by Media Channels and team gets funds from various sources including politicians/corporate sector etc but my view is that it is just a chance for the funding agencies to make themselves popular.

Now does anybody inquiring about the status of hockey team and what our players got out of the total funds promised and utilization of funds are properly done or not because I think the big chunk of it has been eaten by mediators.

Our National Game is is dying due to politics/corruption/wrong policies, kindly come forward to save it and present your views how to save it and remove corruption / politics from Hockey Federation.


I think Indian hockey team is doing very good these days and if you think this is the effect of Chak De India + SRK then why they didn't celebrate it together. And I hope that if this trend will continue the Indian Team will definately win World Cup. Please express your views regarding same.