Stress on Women’s

In this modern era when life is not fast but very fast the working women’s life have become too much stressed. They do not have to perform not only at the office but also at the home while completing their personal responsibility towards family. Although technology has helped but they need to be more organized while using technology. They wake up early in the morning, do cleaning of house and cook food for children’s and husband and other family members and run to office in hurry. In office also they have to meet the performance standard of the organization and compete with others professionals. At the end of day when they return home they do not get time to relax because they need to take care of children studies, washing of clothes, and of-course food for everyone and in case her husband is stressed she need to share the same with him. All these factors are probably reducing the life (age) of a common working women, if you are agree to my point please post your ideas to improve the situation.