Year 2007

In the year 2007 many incidents happens from nuclear deal between India and USA to killing of Pakistani Ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Which is the top news according to you out of following?

  1. 123 deal (supply of nuclear technology & fuel to India by USA)
  2. Nandigram SEZ ( Forceful acquisition of land from farmers in W. Bengal)
  3. Abhishek & Aishwarya Marriage
  4. Gujarat Poll (One more victory of Narender Modi in Gujarat)
  5. Sensex crossing 20000 mark (BSE Sensex crossed the barrier of 20000 pts.)
  6. Musharraf resign from Military (Under Political & International Pressure resign of General Musharraf from Pakistani Military)
  7. 20-20 World Cup Victory for India
  8. Ram Setu Sunderam Project
  9. Nobel Prize for Global Warming (Efforts of Pachori and Algore for environment brings laurel to both of them in form of Nobel Prize.)
  10. Assassination of Ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Benzir Bhutto by terrorist in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Out of the above topics which one is most important as per you? Please comment.


  1. Hi . what about sports? 20-20 Cricket cup victory for India !

  2. Yes definitely am. Thanks for listing the highlights.