Environment in Residential Areas

When you are traveling on a two wheeler and cross some area which is full of trees do you feel some pleasure of coolness and freshness and feel uneasyness in the area where industrial waste is dumped. In residential areas we don't have much number of trees especially the old and congested part of every city and these areas are polluted becasue of pollution by general regular activity of human beings and also these old areas host some small industries.

An initiative is required in this direction to improve the number of trees and reduce pollution by new scientific methods. Some examples may be created by government in their own staff quarters which can be further replicated for general areas.


Yesterday Maoist attack a passenger bus and killed 44 peoples and some of them are Special Police Officers, Maoist used the landmine to blast the bus which is plying from Dantewada to Sukma. Once again it proved that Maoist are well equipped with arms and explosives but why common passengers even women's and children's, it against humanity. If Maoist have some demands they should not kill innocent peoples for that purpose.

I think government will definitely give compensation on immediate basis to victims.

Security forces must change their strategy to gather intelligence and must operate according to the specific operating procedures because every small mistake is like a opportunity for Maoist. Also government must provide better arms, equipments so that moral of security forces don't go down because in case security forces loose their morale it will be big defeat for government so on urgent basis security forces must be provided good arms and equipments in addition to awareness amongst the security personals about follow of SOP's. Also Government must try to take support of locals which can provide vital information.


India a nation well known through out the world for its centuries old culture and peacekeeping behaviour (India never invaded any country in her last 1000 years of history) is scaling new heights everyday on world map.

Engineers and Doctors of India have already proved their metal to the world and recognised by every country. We As a nation India is second-largest populated country in the world.

India is a nuclear power since 1974 when it first tested its nuclear device named as Smiling Buddha. The Nation is also standing strong on its feet in space exploration and recently India sent first unmanned lunar vehicle Chandrayaan to the moon.

In Sports India won one gold in shooting and Two bronze in boxing recently at Beijing Olympics . Viswanathan Anand, the great Chess champion is famous for his victory over computers. Kalpana Chawla, Astronaut of NASA is also an Indian. Indian Cricket team has also won One Day World Cup and T-20 World cup.

The growth rate of Indian Economy is also very good and all international financial bodies are confident that in coming decades Indian Economy will be a Super Economy and its growth rate will surpass the growth of China. Most of the current developed nations thinks that India will be a Super Power in coming decades.

By grace of God India is having very good environment with great combination of nature from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, a beautiful gift to the nation.

But to become a Superpower We as Indian Citizens need to work hard to keep pace of development and remove the loopholes of corruption, terrorism, bad politicians, naxalism, illiteracy, etc. which impact our chances to become a superpower. While we have to maintain pace of development we should also maintain our environment and natural resources.


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Government Offices

Few days back through some of my known I come to know a wonderful things about government offices system. The incident is related to Transport Department.

Basically when a person applies for renew of his/her permit for vehicle than the required fees is submitted in the form of Demand Draft (D.D) at RTO office but RTO office do not have the sufficient manpower or requisite system resources to manage Demand Drafts (D.D) received because thousand of demand drafts are deposited everyday and validity of D.D is only for six month from date of issue. Transport department is not able to encash these D.D

Deposit these demand draft at their bank to collect revenues because they receives thousand of demand draft everyday and due to this these demand drafts are not enchased and lying like a waste paper because demand drafts are valid only for a period of six months.

Now the question is that money has gone from the pocket of vehicle owner and not used by Department which is causing huge losses to Ex-chequer and leading to increase in rates of taxes and charges increasing inflation and burden on common man due to lack of government inefficiency.

Naxalism & Terrorism

If we look at internal security position of India we are standing at a very critical point because of problems in many parts of country. Most of our urban cities and states of north India like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir faces threat of terrorism.While in the North East we already have problem of Insurgency. Problem of naxalism has already reached very high scale in many states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra.

And about external threats we are well aware about our relations with Pakistan where everyday some terror group plans something against us and China is continuously encroaching in our territory. In last few years our relations with Bangladesh is also gone down and scenario of Sri Lanks is already very known to everybody.

In view of above facts what will be the future of out nation and its citizens.

Modernisation Versus Environment

Today in the race of modernization against already developed countries of the world India as a nation is busy in building roads, bridges, buildings means concrete jungle and damaging its environment like anything.

Whenever we made any road we cut lots of trees and cut our hills for road construction material means double damage to environment and never plans how to compensate that loss so policy should be made that whenever anybody cuts one tree another tree is planed against the same.

Also when we made flyover we cut road side trees and drill the earth to raise the pillars for flyover again two sided attack on environment so our engineers must try to find out the designs which are environment friendly and have space for greenery consisting of not only flowers and plants but for trees also.

During the creation new residential colonies and sector by government also many of agricultural land is compromised instead of developing residential area on non-agricultural land.

I think government should impose a environment tax on the lines of education surcharge.

War With Maoist

After Dantewada attack in which 76 soldiers of CRPF killed by Maoist it is found that some peoples of CRPF and police forces are involved in supplying ammunition to Naxalist/Maoist which indicates that security forces are in big trouble and their internal working system needs lots of improvement.

In addition to catch of corrupt insiders government and security forces must also check following points for naxalist and block them :-

- Source of Finances

- Source from where they obtain arms and ammunition

- From where they purchase / acquire communication equipments

- Their methods of new recruitment

- Sources of their food supply

- Their locations in rural/urban areas from where they interact with locals

- Where & how they print their material

- Sources of their Political support

Recently I come to know that government has started filling big number of vacancies in naxal hit states which will definitely increase the confidence of local towards government and effect new recruitment of naxals.

Government must draw some surrender policy.

5 women devotees killed in stampede in Dera Sacha.

As per reports on the website of PTI news 5 devotees killed at Dera Sacha in Sirsa at yesterday night time when a rumour spread about presence of a snake and lead to stampede causing death of five persons and injury to many others. Devotees gathered to mark of foundation day.

Last year we have seen stampede cases in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and Nanida Devi temple at Himachal Pradesh and this year also in March 2010 many peoples died at Distt. Pratapgarh at Ashram of Kripalu Maharaj but still we did not learned our lesson and repeating the same mistake again and again.

In my article Crowd Management in Indian Temples posted on 14. Nov. 2009 at this blog proposed I again say that government should make a National Temples Management Board which take care of system in temples. Most of the temples receive very good amount of donations from their devotees but that all money generally taken by the individuals and no initiative is taken for betterment of temple and all the big temple authorities must be controlled by above board consisting of government nominees, religious leaders, local authority representatives. But it should not become a system of Bureaucracy.

5 women devotees killed in stampede in Dera Sacha.

CBI: Desai owns 10 houses

As per my previous article of 23 April, 2010 regarding arrest of MCI Boss Mr. Ketan Desai in bribe case of Rs. 2 crore for grant of approval to medical college at Punjab. Today as per news on Indian express website, CBI said that it had recovered documents of benami property, gold & jewellery which provides information about large amount of illegal money of Mr. Desai. Mr. Desai owns nearly 10 houses in various cities of Gujarat and having 1.5 kg of gold and 80 kg silver. Mr. Desai and his wife is also director in one of the real estate firm. It is also reported that Rs. 2 crore of bribe is the first instalment of total amount of bribe and MCI boss has asked for a total of Rs.8 crore. Just think about the college which are already approved by him.



SO THE RESULT IS ____________________? (Big Dash)

CBI: Desai owns 10 houses

Rain Water Harvesting

The ground Water level is going down with every passing day and in view of increasing temperature the demand of water has gone up and extraction of ground water through tubewells / hand pumps are very high. To save water and increase the level of ground water different techniques of rain water harvesting must be immediately started on pilot basis in some cities of NCR(National Capital Region) as the season of rain will start in coming months.

Every new group housing scheme which is sanctioned by government must be passed on the condition of rain water harvesting

existing group housing societies must be motivated to adopt the system.

in residential areas with the help of NGO and RWA',s residents must be pushed to implement rain water harvesting system as individual or group.

Each society park / community centre must have ground water recharge facility.

In small village rain water must be diverted to existing ponds or by creating new ponds.

Everywhere it should be done in a scientific approved way. We are standing at last stage so we don't have the time to think, ITS ACTION TIME. BEGIN NOW.

MCI boss Ketan Desai arrested - India - The Times of India

As per the news on Times of India website on Thursday President, Medical Council of India has been arrested for taking bribe of Rs. Two crores for giving recognition to a Medical College in Punjab.

Medical Council of India power includes giving approval/disqualification of medical colleges/nursing institues/dental colleges and also recognition/de-recognition of of medical qualification.

After this incident just imagine what will be the standard of Health of citizens of India whose Doctors and Technicians are trained in colleges which don't have complete and adequate infrastructure, procedures and other resources.

The case of corruption also noticed and come into news last year about AICTE the organisation which gives approval for technical education colleges in India.



Water Problem in HUDA Sectors

Due to increasing temperature and heat, demand of water has gone up very high in all sectors of HUDA as well as other areas. Few reason behind water shortage :-

- Long power cuts (Situation has gone from bad to worst due to long power cuts because tube wells do not have hotline power supply)

- Wastage of water (on cleaning of cars, corridors, house, etc.)

- Decreasing of ground water level

- Too much over extraction

- Non implementation of Rain Water Harvesting schemes

In last few decades we have wasted water like anything and neither follow the rules nor taken the initiative to recharge ground water. Due to modernization we have created big concrete jungle and left no open space so that ground water recharge takes place when rain comes. Actually rain water harvesting has not been implemented with strict enforcement. The best way to recharge the ground water is to make provision for rain water harvesting in every household and it must be a condition when government agencies give their permission to construction the house. For existing residential areas government should invite NGO and RWA to start applying method of rain harvesting.

Still if we did not awake and don't stop wastage of water in coming 2-3 decades we may not have the water and the city will become like a desert.

Parents say won't pay hiked fees - Delhi - City - The Times of India

As per the news on Times of India website today that most of the unaided school in the capital has increased the fees for the 2010-11 session and asked the parent to submit the fees. However Directorate of Education is saying that school needs valid needs to form a valid Parents Teacher Association and need clearance of this body before charging incremented fees. While Private school federation is saying their is no such act and circular of Directorate of Education is illegal. All India Parents' Association (AIPA) has decided in its meeting that they will pay fee only as per old rates. Schools federation is saying that they have to pay increased salary, and due to rising prices the expenses have increased while everybody knows that how much money is being paid to staff in private institutes.

In above scenario parents do not have any clear path known to them that what should they do. It has become a political games between Parents Association and Schools federation and in between the common parent is facing trouble and don't know he should join which group.

Although education standard in private school is good and their result also very good but all these private school are not working as social welfare organisation but has become a field of profit for investor who put their money in to this sector. All school gets income tax benefit and many other tax benefits because school/education is counted as social responsibility but now it is totally commercial. Today the Education is commercialized. Big investors are investing large amount of money in this sector to maximise their return.

I think government must be more vigilant against private bodies who are earning big revenues and make a grievance centre where parents can lodge their problems/grievance against any school.

Parents say won't pay hiked fees - Delhi - City - The Times of India

Badarpur Tree Plantation

Due to construction of Badarpur Flyover and Metro Rail in already congested area of Badarpur, Jaitpur, Mahipalpur, Palla, AAli village, Badarpur Border the pollution level is very high on NH-2 Mathura Road. You will hardly able to see any trees between border to Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area because the area is highly commercial and very crowded.

In view of increasing pollution tree plantation drive must be taken in Badarpur Area. Trees can be planted on the gap between road, road sides, open area and peoples residing and working in this area must be motivated to plant and maintain the greenery.

Faridabad to Delhi

Yesterday I traveled From Faridabad to Delhi Domestic Airport via Karan Singh Shooting range road , Greater Kailash and found that foot path is being constructed on both side of road near shooting range and open space around tree is left, which is a good construction practice. In Greater Kailash and Airport area it is very hard to see trees, you are surrounded by all the concrete jungle. Instead of cutting the trees it is better to relocate the big trees if possible.

I think in view of Commonwealth Games some greenery must be maintained near airport area as it will not only help in maintaining environment and reduce pollution but also increase beauty of area.

Sreedharan has a heart attack- Hindustan Times

As per the news on Hindustan Times website Delhi Metro Rail Chief Mr. E Sreedharan suffered a heart attack at Delhi airport yesterday morning and admitted to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and currently going through treatment in intensive care unit (ICU).

He is man who made possible the project of Delhi Metro and taken the Image of India to new heights on International level by completing the Delhi Metro Project. Delhi Metro still have to cover many more milestone under his guidance and India needs person like Mr. Sreedharan who has strong will power and knowledge to take the nation to greater heights.

I pray to God for his speedy recovery.

Sreedharan has a heart attack- Hindustan Times

War with Maoist

Yesterday Maoist killed 76 CRPF (Central Reserve Paramilitary Force) Jawans in Chhattisgarh in a planned attack by surrounding them. Almost 1000 maoist equipped with automatic rifles, guns, explosives, landmine's trapped the CRPF company in a dense hilly forest area. One Deputy Commandant and Assistant Commandant also killed in attack but the number of maoist killed is not known. The level of attack shows the problem of Naxalism. Even if government retaliate it could not kill all maoist (thousand of peoples) because they are you own peoples so means & ways should be researched to convert maoist into good citizens.

After this big attack on forces, state and central security forces needs to fight in a completely organised, planned and equipped manner. The strategy must be devised so that security forces have least causalities. The state and central security forces needs to be strengthen their co-ordination and steps must be initiated to gain support of local peoples. I think local young persons should be recruited by security forces to fight the naxalist because it will be a two way attack on them, first it will enable state security forces to under local scenario and local power to fight secondly it will stop recruitment sources of naxalist. State and Central government forces must improve their intelligence units to gain knowledge about naxalist / maoist strategy and their sources of finance, arms, camps etc.

Women's of maoist areas should be provided help so that they can start some local work/handicraft work/self employment business which will support them financially and improve their confidence in government and peace. Also schools, hospitals and roads must be developed to bring development in naxal areas.

Also compensation to family of all the soldiers must be given on priority basis and no politics should be played on the Sacrifice of soldiers by any political party.

Delhi Metro Rail started Inderlok-Mundka Route

Today DMRC inaugurated its Inderlok Mundka line. DMRC has given it a name of Green Line and It is the first line of Delhi Metro which is using standard gauge instead of broad gauge and by starting of this route on standard gauge, Delhi Metro becomes the only Metro in the World having trains on both gauge standard and broad. Now the Metro network has expanded to more than 100 km.

The length of Inderlok Mundka route is 15.1 KM and will take 29 minutes in comparison to one hour travel by road. Residents and peoples of Paschim Vihar and Punjabi Bagh will be able to take benefit of this route. Now the peoples of Delhi must come forward to ride on metro and take off their vehicles from the road as it will not only save their time but will reduce the pollution in city.

By use of standard gauge metro has saved a good amount of money and DMRC team must be congratulated for it. Hopefully before Commonwealth Games will be able to start Badarpur, Gurgaon & Airport routes. Also DMRC must maintain strict safety measures and highest and best quality of construction.

Best of luck to DMRC team.

India and China

We knows that China is more strong in comparison of India at current scenario on various scales like defense, economy, population. Also growth & development in China is more than India and because of its strong position China is trying to push back India on many matters like International Nuclear Clearance, increase strength of its relation with Pakistan, Hidden support to the forces fighting against India like naxalist, communist, terrorist etc.

The main power of China is its strong economy so to defeat the China India should take some necessary steps to increase its pace of development and strengthen the Indian Economy. Some of the steps as per my views is

- Decrease Corruption by strict and fast enforcement of laws

- Initiatives to retain talent pool (education young peoples) from going abroad and also call back the all good Indian Doctors, Engineers & Scientist from foreign countries

- Steps to strength its ties with Anti-China Forces but not at the cost of bitter relations with China

- Up-gradation of Army, Navy & Air-force equipment, technology, arms, ships, fighter jets, nuclear power etc. on war scale

- Also steps must be taken to give more strength to our ties with Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and most important Pakistan

- Also India should tries for permanent seat (veto power) in United Nation Organization

- Must provide support to all Indian standing for their recruitments in International Organization especially Finance and social welfare organization

Internally I will say from President of India to common labour class person must work for 3 hours extra in a week at their own to increase the pace of development.

Flyover & Metro at Badarpur Delhi

The work of metro rail and flyover from Badarpur Thermal Power Station to Sector-37, Faridabad is in full swing keeping in mind to complete them before CommonWealth Games 2010. Although it is do not seems to be possible to start Badarpur flyover before Games but i hope that the work will not stop after complete of CommonWealth Games due to unavailability of funds, political hindrances, bureaucratic red-tapism etc.

Now Delhi is only 6 months away from CommonWealth Games. The development of Metro and Flyover at Badarpur will increase the prices of Real Estate in Surrounding areas of these two projects. As peoples working in Delhi will definitely interested to living in and around Delhi. Start of Metro and Flyover will decrease the traveling time to and from Delhi so the demand for surrounding area will be more and price rise will be seen.