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Government Offices

Few days back through some of my known I come to know a wonderful things about government offices system. The incident is related to Transport Department.

Basically when a person applies for renew of his/her permit for vehicle than the required fees is submitted in the form of Demand Draft (D.D) at RTO office but RTO office do not have the sufficient manpower or requisite system resources to manage Demand Drafts (D.D) received because thousand of demand drafts are deposited everyday and validity of D.D is only for six month from date of issue. Transport department is not able to encash these D.D

Deposit these demand draft at their bank to collect revenues because they receives thousand of demand draft everyday and due to this these demand drafts are not enchased and lying like a waste paper because demand drafts are valid only for a period of six months.

Now the question is that money has gone from the pocket of vehicle owner and not used by Department which is causing huge losses to Ex-…