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5 women devotees killed in stampede in Dera Sacha.

As per reports on the website of PTI news 5 devotees killed at Dera Sacha in Sirsa at yesterday night time when a rumour spread about presence of a snake and lead to stampede causing death of five persons and injury to many others. Devotees gathered to mark of foundation day.

Last year we have seen stampede cases in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and Nanida Devi temple at Himachal Pradesh and this year also in March 2010 many peoples died at Distt. Pratapgarh at Ashram of Kripalu Maharaj but still we did not learned our lesson and repeating the same mistake again and again.

In my article Crowd Management in Indian Temples posted on 14. Nov. 2009 at this blog proposed I again say that government should make a National Temples Management Board which take care of system in temples. Most of the temples receive very good amount of donations from their devotees but that all money generally taken by the individuals and no initiative is taken for betterment of temple and all the big temple authorities mu…