Monday, April 19, 2010

Parents say won't pay hiked fees - Delhi - City - The Times of India

As per the news on Times of India website today that most of the unaided school in the capital has increased the fees for the 2010-11 session and asked the parent to submit the fees. However Directorate of Education is saying that school needs valid needs to form a valid Parents Teacher Association and need clearance of this body before charging incremented fees. While Private school federation is saying their is no such act and circular of Directorate of Education is illegal. All India Parents' Association (AIPA) has decided in its meeting that they will pay fee only as per old rates. Schools federation is saying that they have to pay increased salary, and due to rising prices the expenses have increased while everybody knows that how much money is being paid to staff in private institutes.

In above scenario parents do not have any clear path known to them that what should they do. It has become a political games between Parents Association and Schools federation and in between the common parent is facing trouble and don't know he should join which group.

Although education standard in private school is good and their result also very good but all these private school are not working as social welfare organisation but has become a field of profit for investor who put their money in to this sector. All school gets income tax benefit and many other tax benefits because school/education is counted as social responsibility but now it is totally commercial. Today the Education is commercialized. Big investors are investing large amount of money in this sector to maximise their return.

I think government must be more vigilant against private bodies who are earning big revenues and make a grievance centre where parents can lodge their problems/grievance against any school.

Parents say won't pay hiked fees - Delhi - City - The Times of India