Yesterday Maoist attack a passenger bus and killed 44 peoples and some of them are Special Police Officers, Maoist used the landmine to blast the bus which is plying from Dantewada to Sukma. Once again it proved that Maoist are well equipped with arms and explosives but why common passengers even women's and children's, it against humanity. If Maoist have some demands they should not kill innocent peoples for that purpose.

I think government will definitely give compensation on immediate basis to victims.

Security forces must change their strategy to gather intelligence and must operate according to the specific operating procedures because every small mistake is like a opportunity for Maoist. Also government must provide better arms, equipments so that moral of security forces don't go down because in case security forces loose their morale it will be big defeat for government so on urgent basis security forces must be provided good arms and equipments in addition to awareness amongst the security personals about follow of SOP's. Also Government must try to take support of locals which can provide vital information.