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In my recent visit to Faridabad i felt a lot of changes in the city. A new wave of development is going. Previously the areas who are outskirts of city and farms are their is now filled with lots of societies especially the Naharpar area is now has so many flats and societies. Reputed School is also their.
The National Highway from Delhi to Mathura passing through the city is congested at many places and long traffic jams are very common during peak hours previously. The Old Faridabad Chowk, Badkhal Chowk, Badarpur, Sarai, NHPC Chowk is generally had a problem of big traffic jams during peak hours but in last few years the situation is completely changes. Old Faridabad, Badkhal and other points are undergoing for development of over bridges to decongest the National Highway under Delhi Agra Road Project scheme. Badarpur Flyover has really helped to remove bottleneckness of traffic problem at badarpur mor.
The most important development is of Metro Rail which has boosted the infrastru…

A signal-free drive to Taj in 3 years - The Times of India

A good news for the residents of Faridabad, Ballabgarh, Palwal, Hodal, Mathura and Agra that National Highway - 2 i.e. Mathura Road is going to be signal free in next 3 years. As per the Lok Sabha  proceeding the Mr. RPN Singh, minister of state for highways mentioned that NHAI is going to construct 31 flyovers and underpasses will be constructed on the Delhi-Agra section of this national highway. The opening of Badarpur Flyover has already removed jam position at Badarpur where lot of people are stucked everyday. It will definitely increase trade and industrial activity because of improved connectivity. The most important thing is that all the tourist who are interested to visit Taj Mahal will reach Agra very fast and will definitely strengthened the India image at International Level. Peoples working in Delhi and leaving at Badarpur, Faridabad, Ballabgarh, Palwal, Hodal, Kosi will get big comfort because of same.
Hope that the project gets completed in projected timeline …

Faridabad on a high with flyover - The Times of India

New lifeline for the peoples of Faridabad, Ballabgarh and Palwal Yes the Badarpur Flyover is open and it will remove all traffic jams of Badarpur, Jaitpur and Mahroli mod. The metro is also expected to reach Faridabad in coming decade which will be another feather in the cap of this industrial town.

Industry of Faridabad will also get a benefit of it.

Price of property will also increase which will be beneficial for Real Estate sector companies.

Faridabad on a high with flyover - The Times of India

Faridabad flyover to open on Oct 5, no toll till Diwali - Hindustan Times

As per Hindustantimes website on Friday the Haryana BJP chief Krishenpal Gujjar forcibly open the Badarpur Flyover to Public although HCC company officials put the Barricade immediately after that. As per HCC officials one of the carriageway will be operational by October 5, 2010 and by November the whole elevated highway with both carriageways will be ready to inaugrate by November.

The good news for commuters of this root is that their will be no toll charges till Diwali for use of the flyover.

Big relief coming for Faridabad, Noida commuters - The Times of India

As per yesterday views the Badarpur Flyover is also being opened for traffic before games and the same has been reported by Times of India today on their website. The commuters from Faridabad to Delhi will be very happy as they face generally major traffic jam problem at Badarpur.
It is also reported that Flyover on the UP Link road to Noida will also open by Sunday. It will make Geeta colony to Noida Stretch Signal free. As per yesterday news Delhi Metro is also starting between Central Secretariat to Badarpur before Games will completely change the picture.
It will definitely help the India to improve its position as a host of Commonwealth Games 2010.
Big relief coming for Faridabad, Noida commuters - The Times of India
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Badarpur line ready, DMRC awaits safety inspection - The Times of India

On Times of India website i read that DMRC has completed the Badarpur to Central Secretariat Metro Line and DMRC is awaiting safety inspection and will start before commonwealth games. It is expected that all the work will be completed in next 2-3 days. It will definately reduce congestion on National Highway - 2 i.e. Mathura road as roads attached to KaranSingh Shooting Range has been closed in view of commonwealth games. Some of the officials of Commonwealth games are staying at various hotels in and around Surajkund to the Badkhaj Surajkund road has been closed by the authorities from Oct.3 to Oct. 14 and the traffic has been diverted to National Highway-2 Mathura Road. The Metro will definitely help the commuters and ease the road congestion at Badarpur, Aali Ghav etc.
If the Badarpur Flyover can also be started before games it will be a wonder and their will be no traffic chaos at Badarpur Border. Even if it is not possible to completely operationalise the flyover then One side of…

Badarpur Tree Plantation

Due to construction of Badarpur Flyover and Metro Rail in already congested area of Badarpur, Jaitpur, Mahipalpur, Palla, AAli village, Badarpur Border the pollution level is very high on NH-2 Mathura Road. You will hardly able to see any trees between border to Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area because the area is highly commercial and very crowded.

In view of increasing pollution tree plantation drive must be taken in Badarpur Area. Trees can be planted on the gap between road, road sides, open area and peoples residing and working in this area must be motivated to plant and maintain the greenery.

Flyover & Metro at Badarpur Delhi

The work of metro rail and flyover from Badarpur Thermal Power Station to Sector-37, Faridabad is in full swing keeping in mind to complete them before CommonWealth Games 2010. Although it is do not seems to be possible to start Badarpur flyover before Games but i hope that the work will not stop after complete of CommonWealth Games due to unavailability of funds, political hindrances, bureaucratic red-tapism etc.

Now Delhi is only 6 months away from CommonWealth Games. The development of Metro and Flyover at Badarpur will increase the prices of Real Estate in Surrounding areas of these two projects. As peoples working in Delhi will definitely interested to living in and around Delhi. Start of Metro and Flyover will decrease the traveling time to and from Delhi so the demand for surrounding area will be more and price rise will be seen.

Badapur Flyover

The construction of flyover from Badarpur Thermal Power Station, Delhi to Sector-37, Faridabad covering Badarpur, Delhi Haryana Border, Jaitpur crossing is in full swing. It seems that government is trying to complete the flyover very soon. The contractor company executing this work HCC is a very well known company. This company has constructed the well known Bandra Worli Mumbai Sea link bridge. After looking at the speed of work and progress of last 2-3 months i am hopeful that the flyover will complete before scheduled date of completion.

Parallel to it construction of Delhi Metro is also going in Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area at Mathura Road NH-2 Highway.

But in both project it should be kept in mind that quality should not be compromised and precautions and safety measures should be followed to avoid any accident during and after period of construction as some accidents had already taken place at Delhi Metro construction site.

After Start of Badarpur Flyover Jam problem at Bada…


Do you think that construction of metro rail will reduce chaos/traffic at Badarpur Border and when it will complete. The construction of flyover from Badarpur Thermal Power Plant to Sec-37 in Faridabad is not started till now so don't think about its completion period. Currently their is too much rush from Jaitpur Mod to Aali Mod and during peak hours the situation is unbearable. In the night when heavy traffic starts moving in and out from Delhi the congestion is uncontrollable.What is the solution for the same when we know the government machinery is not able to built the Badarpur Flyover soon due to some malign interested peoples having impact in streets of POWER & Administration and because of delay the cost of construction for flyover has increased several times.Do you think that any one interested to work for this work can take any particular step so that the work for the flyover will start as early as possible or can we take initiative to make some group who work toward…

Badarpur Flyover

Badarpur flyover project has been mooted five years ago to de-congest National Highway – 2 (Mathura Road) at Badarpur Crossing. It is an important gateway to Delhi city and a link between Delhi, Faridabad, Mathura and Agra. Too much encroachments and traffic increase the chaos. Many attempts have been done to remove encroachments from the main crossing to increase space for traffic but to no avail because of political interference, corruption and lack of administration. Approximately 100000 (one lakh) vehicles daily ply on this road and 45 to 50 minutes is the waiting time and goes up in night due to commercial traffic on highway. Approximately 500000 (five lacs) peoples use this road daily basis and 45 minutes wastage means 500000 x 45 = 22500000 minutes mean 3,75,000 hours are wasted. If we calculate on monetary scale than 375000 * 300 (average income for one hour) = Rs. 11,25,00,000/- are wasted on daily basis. If we multiply its from 1825 days i.e 5 (five) years the figure will be…